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A Plot / Megaron

With the transition to a recreational urban space a new chapter has started for the historic Assistens Cemetery on Nørrebro, Copenhagen. After 200 years as a burial ground new plans have been carried which include the garden artwork ‘A Plot / Megaron’ – a collaboration between Stig L. Anderson and artist Morten Stræde. The garden art piece is a reflection on the cemetery's dual function. The 30 horizontal fields of grass and Maintäler sandstone blend in with the character of the old cemetery. At the same time their scale and composition make them differ essentially. To create a natural enrolling in the cemetery’s slow time the construction was stretched over 3 years. More and more was covered while parts dilapidated.

 Location Assistens Cemetery, Copenhagen
Type Garden Art
Client Copenhagen's Cemeteries 
Design period 2001
Realization 2002-2004
Area 400 m2
Partners Morten Stræde (the sculpture Megaron), Klaus Høeck (poem)

The installation becomes a reminder of life's elongated cycle from life to dead, while Nørrebrogade is rushing by in the rapid pulse of our time just outside the walls of the cemetery