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Anchor Park in Malmö

Västre Hamnen in Malmö has had a new type of city park – a hydroglyph park. With a wide selection of the many Swedish nature biotopes, the complex and open park offers its visitors to experience and lean about for instance the alder swamp, oak forest and saltwater biotopes with crayfish. Subtle features of the park detailing stages the seasonal changes and intensifies the experience of being present in a certain time. Reliefs embossed in the concrete bank gather rainwater and accentuate the changeability of the nature with the amount of rainwater and the reflections of the context.


Location Malmö, Sverige
Type Urban space
Client Malmö Stad
Design period 2000
Realization 2001
Area 2,9 ha. 


The park's vegetation is complex and composite - an opportunity to experience and learn about Swedish biotopes in the middle of the city