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Andreas Steenberg's Square

Attractive places to linger, varied vegetation and a sustainable coating, connect the street level with a green urban rooftop on top of a new car park. The new Andreas Steenberg’s Square is a new welcome to Horsens, an inviting, green urban space for the life of the many citizens and daily commuter to unfold. The interaction between the new lightning, vegetation and coating creates a pleasant microclimate, rich nature and sensuous experiences for the area, which used to be an abandoned bus terminal and parking space. Parts of the new green oasis are established on top of the roof of the new parking car park. The inclined town square evens out the level difference between the rooftop and the street level in an undulating terrain that creates a natural transition to the roof and at the same time incites to play. The result is an attractive and dynamic city center that gives sustainable and social values back to the citizens and the visitors, and provides Horsens with a strong, green identity. 

Location Horsens, Denmark
Service Urban design and climate adaptation 
Client The Municipality of Horsens
Area 6000 m2
Collaborators DAI

A former abandoned bus terminal and parking space turned into a new, green oasis and welcome square for Horsens