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    Al Fay Park, Abu Dhabi
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Al Fay Park

Al Fay Park in Abu Dhabi is a game-changer and a paradigm shift in how to design and implement city nature in dense megacities of the Middle East. SLA’s 27,500 m2 park is the first urban park in UAE focusing on biodiversity, social activities and microclimate optimization. Designed aesthetically and climatically to be “the coolest place in town”.

Besides world-class facilities for multiple sports and activities and children’s playgrounds, the winding forest track is one of Al Fay's main attractions. Al Fay Park is designed utilizing the latest knowledge and research in microclimate optimization and urban sustainability. Its high density of trees, plus modern irrigation systems, thus ensures that it uses 40 percent less water than traditional parks while providing a cool, comfortable, and unique round-the-clock place for all residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi to meet, play and live.

Service Landscape design
Location Abu Dhabi
Client The Department of Municipalities and Transport, Abu Dhabi
Design period 2019-2020
Realization 2020-2021
Area 27,500 m2 
Collaborator Parsons

Video courtesy:
 Abu Dhabi's Department of Municipalities and Transport and Al Fay Park

Al Fay Park features more than 2,000 local flora, including the national Ghaf tree, selected to sustain a natural and forest-like ecosystem.