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Aabenraa - Market Town of the Future

Aabenraa is today facing several major challenges. National and international competition, a high emigration rate and a physical fragmentation limits the city's great potential.

Together with the architecture studio COBE, SLA participated in the parallel assignment "Aabenraa - Market town of the future", and made the proposal "At the forefront of the future - a healthy city to live in."

The team's master plan for the city's future transformation focused on creating an Aabenraa with a strengthened and contemporary identity, so Aabenraa once again can become an active, attractive and competitive city. 


Service Masterplan
Location Aabenraa, Denmark
Type Winner of parallel assignment
Client Aabenraa Kommune, RealDania 
Design period 2013-2014
Area 2 ha
Partners COBE, Via Trafik & BYGningsarv

To reclaim Aabenraa’s status as an attractive and unique market town - and to become a city at the forefront of the future - we must improve city life, connections and the city's identity