China Mobile Innovation Campus Breaks Ground


Our CHINA MOBILE INNOVATION CAMPUS in Nanjing has broken ground.

In the project we have designed the central green nature park as the heart of the new CHINA MOBILE INNOVATION CAMPUS, tying the various building plots together in one coherent nature-based design.

The nature park creates the best working conditions for China Mobile’s employees by bringing nature into each employee’s daily work life and ensuring that all employees are encouraged to connect, innovate and share knowledge together.

“Our nature park for the CHINA MOBILE INNOVATION CAMPUS is designed as one circular ecosystem that brings utility value, amenity value and branding value to China Mobile. With the design we are pushing nature right up close to the buildings, even extending it onto the rooftops. The aim is to create a direct relationship between workspaces and nature, thus maximizing the healthy, creative, innovative and social effects of the park’s biophilic design – even when inside the buildings,” says Rasmus Astrup, design principal and partner in SLA.

The nature park design learns from Nanjing’s existing nature by using regional materials, existing terrain and native plant species to create a local ecosystem within the Innovation Campus. The ecosystem – consisting of local typologies the river, the flooding area, the open land, the forest mountains – is a celebration of Nanjing’s natural history and identity. The ecosystem is designed to handle rainwater and cloudbursts, reduce noise and air pollution, and improve the campus’ microclimate by creating optimal year-round working conditions in Nanjing’s humid subtropical climate – both inside and outside. Here it is possible for all employees to experience nature, have walk-and-talks, organize informal meeting or simply take a 'brain break' and restitute one’s energy and creativity.

“CHINA MOBILE INNOVATION CAMPUS will emphasize China Mobile’s brand as a first-mover company who takes climate change, biodiversity, sustainability and social employee conscience seriously in all its actions,” says Rasmus Astrup, design principal and partner in SLA.

The CHINA MOBILE INNOVATION CAMPUS is designed in splendid collaboration with our friends Schmidt Hammer Lassen / Perkins & Will.

Al Fay Park Inaugurated


We are thrilled to share that our Al Fay Park in Abu Dhabi today was inaugurated by Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed bin Zayed and is now open to the public.

Al Fay Park is a game-changer and a paradigm shift in how to design and implement city nature in the dense megacities of the Middle East. The 27,500 m2 park is the first urban park in UAE focusing on biodiversity, social activities and microclimate optimization. Designed aesthetically and climatically to be “the coolest place in town”.

Al Fay Park features more than 2,000 local flora, including the national Ghaf tree, selected to sustain a natural and forest-like ecosystem. The park features world-class facilities for multiple sports and activities, children’s playgrounds as well as a unique 'forest track' as a main nature attraction. All activities are made of natural elements, providing a sustainable and natural space for all to use.

Designed utilizing the latest knowledge and research in microclimate optimization and urban sustainability, Al Fay Park’s high density of trees, plus modern irrigation systems, ensures it uses 40 percent less water than traditional parks while providing a cool, comfortable and unique round-the-clock place for all residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi to meet, play and live.

The park is made in strong collaboration with Parsons and with client Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport.

SLA to design new climate adaptation project against flooding in Limfjorden


One of Denmark's largest climate adaptation projects, the narrowing of the Thyborøn Canal to secure the entire western part of Limfjorden against floods, is moving closer. SLA, together with Rambøll consultant Rasmus Johnsen, have won the tender to design the next phase of the project which is expected to cost 700 million DKK.

The project involves narrowing the Thyborøn Canal to protect against storm surges while considering climate change, sailing conditions, environmental conditions and water flow in the entire Western Limfjord.

The project will also support the local public life by creating a new nature-based experience center for water attractions and nature activities in the area around Thyborøn and Agger.

“With the climate adaptation of Thyborøn Canal, we not only secure the Western Limfjord against storm surge. We also create a wide range of strong nature experiences and activities on both land and water to benefit both local citizens and future visitors. Thus, Thyborøn Canal joins SLA’s long line of coastal protection and development projects on the West Coast of Jutland and in the Limfjord,” says Karsten Thorlund, Head of SLA’s office in Aarhus.

Read more about the project here (in Danish):

SLA Wins First Project in India


We are happy to share that we have won our first project in India: The new passenger terminal of Delhi Noida International Airport. SLA is appointed winner by the client Zurich Airport International together with a consortium consisting of Nordic, Grimshaw, Haptic and STUP.

For the winning design we have designed multiple green spaces both inside and around the terminal, drawing on the lush surrounding valleys and historic cultivation landscape to create a pleasant, rich and unique visitor experience.

“The aim of our nature design for Delhi Noida International Airport is to make its unique location felt from the moment the visitors touch down. By bringing the lush valley nature and local agricultural landscape right into the terminal and the entrance plazas, we create a welcome that is far from the generic airport experience, but founded strongly in Delhi’s nature and culture,” says SLA partner and design principal Rasmus Astrup.

In the competition SLA has drawn heavily on our knowledge and expertise in plant science and microclimate designs in subtropical climates – competencies which will also be essential in the coming detail design and realization of the terminal.

Processual collages by SLA illustrate the forces and aesthetics of nature at the Danish west coast


The processual collages by SLA of the local nature at the Danish west coast illustrate the forces of nature, its atmosphere and its sensuousness at NATURKRAFT.

”Naturkraft. It is the forces of nature that brings the aesthetic sense of nature to life. We are attracted by the fierce weather. By winds, rain and the rushing sea. We are amazed by the sound of the water rushing, splashing around trees, over rocks, and suddenly - flat out. The water lies calm and horizontal. The trees’ leaves still shiver quite easily after the wind rushed past. The glare from the luminous white sand dazzles the sight. The eyes ache as in snow blindness. A chaotic jumble of light and volatile movements is abruptly interrupted by the dark peaty soil. The pupils are far too small to see it all. Slowly, they expand and sight returns. We see everything that is not moving. Stone and soil move so slowly that we do not see it - but maybe feel it. The weight of the dark soil makes us calm. We are moved by and sense everything that happens in here in the swirling and energy-filled space. You see it, you are part of it and you sense it. How marvelous. How mysterious. Mysterious that it affects me so deeply to be part of this multiverse of nature forces” - Stig L. Andersson, Design Director and Founding Partner of SLA.

The project is designed and completed for the nonprofit fund Naturkraft in close collaboration with our friends Thøgersen & Stouby, Hune & Elkjær, NIRAS, Fuldendt and Hansen & Larsen.

See all the collages by SLA here.

The City of Detroit chooses SLA to transform huge 845-hectare socially vulnerable neighborhood


We are happy to finally be able to share that we have won the assignment to create a neighborhood framework plan for the 845 hectare socially vulnerable Gratiot/7 Mile Neighborhood in Detroit, MI.

“The Gratiot/7 Mile Neighborhood has many challenges. But it also contains many opportunities and much potential to reinvent itself from socially and physically challenged area into a well-functioning community. Drawing on our team’s multidisciplinarity and joint Scandinavian-American roots, we want to create the foundation for a holistic development that will help Gratiot/7 Mile find its feet again - both physically, socially, culturally and economically,” says Rasmus Astrup, Design Principal and Partner in SLA.

Our team’s goal is to create a holistic planning approach in close collaboration with residents, youth, businesses owners, community groups, city officials and others to improve the quality of life and create new empowerment for the community and its approximately 10,000 residents.

”People are the foundation of every neighborhood, and through our many visits to the neighborhood we have discovered a strong unity and engagement from the local citizens. Yes, there are major challenges and vacant land in an almost devastating level, but there are also strong local forces, commitment and several community assets, which we strategically are planning to combine with the amazing presence of nature and green spaces,” says Rasmus Astrup.

Under the guideline ‘Healing Urban Traumas’, SLA’s multidisciplinary team of city planners, anthropologists, biologists and nature designers will address G7’s many pressing issues such as poverty, vacant housing, derelict public spaces, ecologic scarcity and social incohesion. Thus, we will create tangible positive change in the everyday life of the residents and create an operational and flexible ‘social toolbox’ that can generate new physical, social, natural and economic opportunities for the neighborhood.

“Through our multidisciplinary and nature-based approach to urban planning of the Gratiot/7 Mile Neighborhood, we create long-term development with improved quality of life, strong social cohesion and new natural meeting places for all. Central to this is the continuous involvement and co-creation of the residents that give us essential insights into the future dreams and needs of the neighborhood, which we then can integrate in the urban planning and design,” Rasmus Astrup continues.

The work will result in a strategic analysis, an urban and economic development plan as well as conceptual design for the area including recommendations regarding use of nature, culture, safety, activities for children, infrastructure and other projects. The recommendations will guide The City of Detroit’s future investments and development of the Gratiot/7 Mile Neighborhood in order to create a resilient community with increased quality of life, improved social infrastructure, new safe meeting places and high empowerment of the local community and residents.

The G7 neighborhood framework plan is done in close collaboration with the City of DetroitGiffels WebsterUtileCDAD and HR&A - and is due to be completed by spring 2021.

G7 is SLA’s second ongoing project in Detroit and plays, together with our newly unveiled DOWNSVIEW project in Toronto, an integral part of SLA’s North American strategy.

Read more about the project here.

Photo: Noah Stephens

Denmark's new multiverse of nature 'Naturkraft' officially opens to the public


Today, the new 50,000 square meters exploratorium and nature arena NATURKRAFT officially opens to the public at the Danish west coast in Ringkøbing, Denmark. 

In NATURKRAFT you will experience the physical and aesthetic powers of nature, and how these will shape the sustainable cities and communities of the future. Thøgersen&Stouby and SLA have designed the new landmark at the Danish west coast, which has cost 300 million Danish kroner and is expected to attract 280,000 visitors annually.

“We create a multiverse of new nature based on a comprehensive knowledge on the processes of nature, the cultural history and the unique geodiversity of the local area, growth conditions and biological diversity. Based on this knowledge, we have created a condensed and hypersensuous juxtaposition of local nature typologies, all of which show nature as the foundation of our lives and societies: as raw material and production material and as a foundation for meaning and quality of life in the anthropocene age” - Stig L. Andersson, Design Director and Founding Partner of SLA.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary officially opens the project, after which NATURKRAFT opens to the public from 2 pm.

The project has been designed and completed for the nonprofit fund Naturkraft in close collaboration with our friends Thøgersen & Stouby, Hune & Elkjær, NIRAS, Fuldendt and Hansen & Larsen.

Learn more about the projekt here.

Photo: Torben Petersen

SLA wins 500-acres DOWNSVIEW-project in Toronto


We are happy to finally be able to share our first major project in Toronto, Canada: DOWNSVIEW.

Together with Henning Larsen, Urban Strategies Inc. and KPMB Architects for clients Northcrest Developments and Canada Lands Company, SLA has been retained to rethink and design the 500-acres former airfield area DOWNSVIEW into a new vibrant, resilient and green neighborhood in Toronto.

“Downsview Airport has played a central role for Toronto for almost a century. It has been a hub for jobs, innovation and development, and Toronto as a city has evolved with and around the airport. With the coming closure of the airport, Toronto has been given a fantastic opportunity – for the first time in 100 years – to rethink what this huge area can mean for the city, for jobs and for ordinary people,” says Rasmus Astrup, partner and design director at SLA.

Situated next to Downsview Park, the new neighborhood’s nature design will learn from Toronto’s distinct ravines and provide critical ecological services, stormwater management and increased biodiversity to the new urban environment. A unique place that uses nature as a fundamental asset for urban life quality and where it is possible to live in harmony - with each other and with nature.

“Nature is one of the great assets for Downsview. This applies both at the local scale and at the regional scale. On the local scale, the area located next to the iconic Downsview Park, which is one of Toronto's largest open green areas. By integrating the park with the new urban development, we can draw the existing nature qualities into the new neighborhood and create space for everyone to work, live and play. On the regional scale, Downsview lies in between two major ravines. For Toronto as a city, the ravines are some of its most identity-creating elements and have been crucial to the city's founding, geography and development. The ravine system provides a host of important ecosystem services to Toronto and its inhabitants such as biodiversity conservation, stormwater management and microclimate optimization - all essential to the resilience of Toronto. All of these natural assets we can use in Downsview in ways that enables the new neighborhood to meet the challenges of the future and create a whole new kind of livable city where residents can live in harmony with each other and with nature,” says Rasmus Astrup. 

Head over to id8Downsview, where SLA Partner and Design Principal Rasmus Astrup introduces the project’s initial thoughts and ambitions together with Michael Sørensen of Henning Larsen and Emily Reisman of Urban Strategies Inc.

SLA regenerates the mangrove forest in Shenzhen


We can now finally reveal our competition proposal for the Tencent Headquarters at Qianhai Bay in Shenzhen, China.

“The project regenerates the vital mangrove forest along the coast. The mangrove forests have been reduced by about 90% in connection with the rapid urban growth in Shenzhen, so the project shows an approach where both buildings, people and nature benefit from the growth” says Rasmus Astrup, partner in SLA.

Known as ‘Tencent Crystal City’ the proposal focusses on combining nature, community and technology into a project that maximizes flexibility, ecology and innovation. The project aims to create more than 2 million new square meters of space for Tencent employees focusing on workspace, residences, a convention center, a hotel as well as supporting facilities for education, health, sport and infrastructure.

A rich wetlands park is designed to connect directly with an entirely public level that will become a new landmark for visitors and residents in Shenzhen. Generous green spaces are designed on either side of the buildings in order to provide active public spaces at the waterfront.

The waterfront park will return the coastline to the mangrove filled wetlands that existed before urbanization to help clean the water of the bay. New landscape features combine functionality and beauty as well as create microclimates to mitigate the tropical environment. The extensive landscaping and wetlands park help to manage rainwater and protect the area in stormy conditions.

The competition proposal is developed with Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Schlaich Bergermann Partner and Shanghai Urban Transportation Design Institute for Tencent.

Render: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

The Future Courtyard at Tomsgårdsvej collects rainwater and brings new nature to the residents


We are happy to reveal our final nature-based design of ‘Tomsgårdsvej’ in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tomsgårdsvej is part of 'The Courtyard of The Future' initiative by The City of Copenhagen, which is a series of demonstration projects initiated to uncover the climate-adaptation potential of the many urban courtyards in Copenhagen. The project aims to develop biodiverse and recreative rainwater solutions that are both functional, aesthetic and especially suited for courtyards.

All 63 existing trees are kept and 98 new trees will be planted in the courtyard, where a 450 meter long ‘adventure path’ is designed to wind its way through the entire area and meadow. Furthermore, as a natural extension of the dense and wild vegetation, a small forest will be established to guard the courtyard visually from the street. This will transform the space into a shaded area full of new city nature for social activities and recreation.

The social center of the 6400 square meter courtyard is the greenhouse with an adjoining forest garden that produces fruits and vegetables.

The project for The City of Copenhagen is being developed in close collaboration with the residents and in partnership with our friends NIRAS and HOFOR.

Read more here.

New city nature and iconic architecture at Amager Bakke


”It does not happen often that you get a physical relation to a building - or rather, that a building affects one’s whole physique as it does here. It is a thought-provoking and great quality” - Expert from the review by Arkitekten

SLA are the designers of the biodiverse nature park on the waste-to-energy plant with 300 new trees, steep hiking trails, off-road running routes and 600 meters ski slopes. Through our nature-based design of the rooftop park, the project brings new city nature into the everyday life of all Copenhageners - 87 meters above the ground.

Amager Bakke has been completed in close collaboration with ARC, Fonden Amager Bakke, CopenHill, BIG, MOE, Malmos Landskaber and Rambøll.

Read the review in the newest issue of Danish magazine Arkitekten published by The Danish Association of Architects here.

SLA receives Arne of The Year 2020


We are happy to share that we have won this year’s Arne of the Year Award - the most prestigious Danish architecture prize awarded by The Danish Association of Architects.

"The winner of Arne of the Year 2020 is considered to have comprehensive perspectives for the influence of the architectural profession in the development of Copenhagen. It addresses the current challenges caused by climate change, which only seems to grow in significance in the future. Through a characteristic multidisciplinary approach, the team has been capable of setting the architectural idea at the forefront of the work on the city's basic infrastructure. Thus, they have succeeded in retaining this versatile project with countless stakeholders involved in a holistic approach that clearly into the final work." - The jury

SLA receives the award for our integrated cloudburst and public space project ‘Sankt Kjelds Square and Bryggervangen’ that is a beacon of nature-based and holistic climate adaptation, urban biodiversity enhancement and social infrastructure. 

“In the design of the new nature, we use ecosystem-services to not only protect the city from floods after cloudbursts, clean the polluted air, improve the microclimate and provide a foundation for new social neighborhoods. We also create a whole new experience of what it means to live and live in a city. There is a new aesthetic connection between man and nature. A connection that too many people have lost in the city today, and which more and more people are searching for.” - Stig L. Andersson

A big congratulations to our friends Københavns Kommune, HOFOR, NIRAS, Via Trafik, Jens Rørbech and Ebbe Dalsgaard for a great collaboration developing a global frontrunner within sustainable urban transformation.

Read more about the award and our project on The Danish Association of Architects' website here.

SLA wins competition to design the new Ibsen Library


We won the Meierikvartalet site in the competition to design the new Ibsen Library in Skien, Norway.

It was announced yesterday evening that our team with Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Rambøll delivered the winning design for one of two sites being considered for the new library.

The Meierikvartalet site - located close to playwright and poet Henrik Ibsen’s birthplace - will make the library a cultural highlight of Skien’s town center with a sensuous landscape surrounding the building. Our nature-based design of the public space integrates new nature into the heart of the city, which increases the area’s biodiversity and quality of life for all citizens.

The 7,000 square meter library will house exhibition and performance spaces that will allow visitors to experience the work and influence of Henrik Ibsen - as well as a citizens’ service center, tourist information center and offices.

The final site will be chosen by Skien Municipality in March 2020.

SLA wins new Cold War museum at Danish cultural heritage site


Our team led by AART in close collaboration with Thøgersen & Stouby and NIRAS has won the prestigious competition to design the new Cold War museum ‘REGAN Vest’ in Rold Forest located in Northern Jutland, Denmark.

‘REGAN Vest’ is a piece of Danish cultural heritage. It was a 5.500 square meter bunker completed in 1968 as a direct response to the threat of the Cold War - hidden behind a yellow ordinary house. The existence of the bunker 60 meters below the ground was classified as ‘top secret’ and not known to the public until 2012. The purpose of the bunker was to create a nuclear-safe ‘city’ in case of World War 3 breaking out - with room for 350 people including the government, the royal family and military as well as a hospital, briefing rooms and much more.

Now, the new museum building and our nature-based design of the surrounding landscape will create the ultimate Cold War experience - hidden and integrated in the forest - to inform and fascinate both national and international visitors in all ages about the historical period.  

‘REGAN Vest’ is due to open to the public in 2023 and is being developed for the visionary clients The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland, Rebild Municipality, Aalborg Municipality and Realdania.

Read more about the project here.

Rendering: AART

Presenting the beauty of nature at the Danish west coast


The Naturkraft-project at the Danish west coast will help people in all ages to understand and sense the magnificent power of nature.

Through SLA’s nature-based design of the landscape we present the beauty of nature and its aesthetic values in everyday life to the exploratorium’s coming visitors.

Read more in Danish newspaper Politiken here

The project is developed for the nonprofit fund Naturkraft in close collaboration with Thøgersen & Stouby, Hune & Elkjær, NIRAS, Fuldendt and Hansen & Larsen.

Naturkraft is due to open for the public in June 2020.

Photo: Bjørn Ellermand

Stig L. Andersson discusses nature-based design, aesthetics, politics and economy in relation to urban development


Founder and partner, Stig L. Andersson, discusses SLA’s nature-based design as well as aesthetics, politics and economy in relation to urban development in Danish newspaper Politiken.

“Increasingly I believe that it is up to us as citizens to cause the change. When investors, politicians and economists are talking about city development, the so-called ‘soft values’ of nature, community and quality of life - the values that I care about and actually consider to be quite hard and tangible - are being constantly devalued.”

Do you agree with Stig that ‘The Grown Environment’ with new city nature and increased biodiversity must be prioritized in our cities to improve our health, happiness and quality of life?

Read Stig’s interview on the front-page of Politiken’s debate section here.

The arctic nature and culture are integrated in The Arctic University Museum of Norway


Our nature-based design for the public spaces and landscape of The Arctic University Museum of Norway in beautiful Tromsø is progressing.

During site visits to the nordic city and its surrounding areas we have conducted field research on the unique arctic nature typologies such as corals from a gigantic underwater reef in the Tromsø Bay as well as local arctic stone and plants. All these local nature typologies will be an integral part of the final project in order to create a sensuous and site-specific nature design rooted in the history and qualities of Tromsø’s arctic nature.

The Arctic University Museum of Norway will exhibit, administrate and communicate collections in relation to the research of the university with focus on the arctic nature and culture.

The future museum is being developed in close collaboration with Henning Larsen, Borealis Architects, COWI and Expology for Statsbygg and UIT - The Arctic University of Norway.

Rendering: Henning Larsen and SLA

Another major climate park win


The City of Copenhagen has chosen Rambøll and SLA for a joint project in Copenhagen, which through the restoration of the Harrestrup Å stream in Vigerslevparken will contribute to climate protection of the area. The municipality’s ambition is to transform the park into a new recreational hub for the benefit of both citizens and nature.

Today, the 20-kilometer-long Harrestrup Å stream lives a quiet life. However, the City of Copenhagen has appointed the stream and park to play a more prominent role in relation to both climate adaption and recreational purposes, when the stream is restored and its capacity is increased in Vigerslevparken.

SLA and Rambøll has been chosen to be responsible for both the design and implementation of this blue-green project, which is included in the capital’s cloudburst and climate protection plan. Specifically, Rambøll and SLA must create a holistic solution that unites the three sub-elements: nature restoration, cloudburst management (part of a cross-municipal capacity project) and climate adaption.

“With Harrestrup Å in Vigerslevparken, a new city park is created in Copenhagen with a focus on nature recovery, enhanced biodiversity and recreational activities. The project must integrate technical and landscape solutions, and we are happy and proud to add Vigerslevparken to the range of our many large climate projects in Denmark and abroad," says Mette Skjold, partner and CEO of SLA.

For the task, a very competent project team with the most experienced profiles has been established. At the current moment, Rambøll and SLA are also working together on several similar projects such as Nørrebrosjælen in and around Hans Tavsens Park at Nørrebro, which have won several awards and are now being implemented.

“The nature restoration of Harrestrup Å in Vigerslevparken will create a synergy between several different projects. We are proud to have won the assignment and look forward to presenting the proposal for the municipality in the beginning of 2020," says Henrik Sønderup, Head of Department at Rambøll’s international division for climate adaption and landscape architecture.

Amager Bakke is Copenhagen's new biodiverse landmark


SLA has designed the wild nature park under extreme conditions at the waste-to-energy plant Amager Bakke in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The lush nature park enhances the biodiversity of the area, which now thrives and benefits from our nature-based design.  

The New York Times states that the iconic project “(…) looks like a mountain field with 7,000 bushes, 300 pine and willow trees, various plants and real grass that grows through the artificial bristles.”

Copenhagen’s new sustainable landmark is developed in close collaboration with our visionary friends Amager Ressourcenter (ARC), Copenhill, BIG, MOE and Malmos.

Read the article by The New York Times here.

Stig L. Andersson's International Master Garden: YUAN


See partner and founder, Stig L. Andersson’s, beautiful International Master Garden at the Beijing International Horticultural Expo 2019.

SLA’s Master Garden is YUAN - a new Chinese sign for ‘garden’. In the project, Stig aims to create a new meaning of the Chinese garden in the Anthropocene era.

YUAN is founded in a deep knowledge of China’s cultural history, nature, art, architecture and philosophy. Thus, in YUAN Stig shows how we can use traditional Chinese culture and nature in modern urban planning to improve the quality of life.

Later this autumn, we will be presenting Stig’s text and photos on the new YUAN for dense cities.

The expo themed ‘Live Green, Live Better’ was held from 29 April 2019 to 7 October 2019 in the Yanqing District of China. The aim of the expo was to integrate horticulture in daily life and connect one’s soul with nature.

Read the article on Stig’s Master Garden in World Architecture Magazine here.

Amager Bakke absorbs heat, removes air particles and minimizes stormwater runoff


Amager Bakke - also known as Copenhill - is a generous ‘green gift’ to the citizens of Copenhagen, Denmark. The nature park invites locals and visitors to traverse a mountainous landscape of plants, rockscapes, 7000 bushes and 300 pine- and willow trees atop the world’s cleanest waste-to-energy plant - forming a completely new urban ecosystem for the city.

‘This ‘garden’ is designed by collaborators SLA Architects, and is hoped to create a ‘vibrant green pocket’ in the city for birds, bees and flowers, while absorbing heat, remove harmful air particles and minimize stormwater runoff’ - Excerpt from the article in Dezeen

The creation of the iconic and sustainable project has been a terrific journey with Amager Ressourcecenter, Copenhill, BIG, MOE and Malmos.

Read the article in Dezeen here.

Photo: Ehrhorn Hummerston

'A small revolution': Danish architects triumph in Paris


Founding partner Stig L. Andersen and partner Rasmus Astrup have just arrived in Paris.

Tonight, Stig presents our work at the architecture evening at La Grande Arche, where the Crown Prince of Denmark and France’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean Yves Le-Drian, also talk. Furthermore, the Danish Minister for Health, Magnus Heunicke, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen, and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jeppe Kofod, join the event tonight - moderated by Director of Danish Architecture Center, Kent Martinussen

On Wednesday, Rasmus talks about ‘The Multi-Layer City, Reinventing Paris’ at the symposium taking place at the beautiful historic venue Le Carreau du Temple in the heart of Paris.

We are happy to present our sustainable work and nature-based approach on urban planning and architecture among royals, politicians and fellow industry colleagues in the French capital.

Check out the article on Danish architects’ success in Paris by Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) here.

Amager Bakke officially opens today


Are you going to the grand opening of Amager Bakke today? Join us for three days full of nature activities at the beautiful waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen, Denmark.

SLA has developed and designed the hill’s green nature rooftop park. The sustainable project has pushed the boundaries for what is possible by creating iconic architecture, enhanced biodiversity and new nature in cities.

Thank you to our collaborators Amager Ressourcecenter, Copenhill, BIG, MOE and Malmos for a truly inspiring journey and innovative process from the very beginning.

Photos: Ehrhorn Hummerston

Amager Bakke receives six out of six hearts from Politiken


Architecture critic Karsten R.S. Ifversen from Danish newspaper Politiken gives our Amager Bakke six out of six possible hearts in his review.

‘Amager has got a new mountain. You can wander up its nubby and bumby concrete paths among Scandinavian mountain biotopes, which are carefully selected to create high diversity and attract a wild fauna of insects, birds and predators.’ - Excerpt from the review

We are very proud of the review, which is a major credit to the whole team and collaborators for an inspiring and challenging process as well as for finding innovative and sustainable solutions to the steep hill’s many challenges (wind, weather and heat) through SLA’s nature-based design.

‘Amager Bakke is not just a breakthrough in how we normally build industrial infrastructure, it is a breakthrough in how we build cities.’ - Excerpt from the review

Amager Bakke officially opens on Friday 4 October 2019.

The project has been realized in close collaboration with Amager Ressourcecenter, Copenhill, BIG, MOE and Malmos.

Read the full review by Karsten R.S. Ifversen in Politiken here.

Transformation of historic Ordener-Poissonniers in Paris


We transform the old central railway site into a new carbon neutral ‘ecosystem neighborhood’ in Paris, France. The remarkable industrial heritage of the area is preserved while creating new nature-based public spaces, carbon neutral architecture and socially sustainable urban development.  

The internationally recognized architecture- and design magazine Designboom brings a new article aboutOrdener-Poissonniers. Read the the article here.

The project is developed in close collaboration with Biecher Architectes, Emerige and OGIC for Espaces Ferroviaires, SNCF Real Estate and Ville de Paris.

Royal visit at the green Amager Bakke


The Danish Crown Prince couple and the Swedish Crown Princess couple visit the state of the art project in Copenhagen - that officially opens on 4 October 2019!

Amager Bakke is global frontrunner in environmental energy production, new urban nature, biodiversity, innovative landscape architecture and iconic nordic architecture, which we are proud to see the royal couples enjoy!

The waste-to-energy plant is developed in close collaboration with the visionary Amager Bakke, Copenhill, BIG, MOE and Malmos.

Check out the photos from the royal visit in the article by Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Photo: Justin Hummerston

Creation of new nature under extreme and steep conditions at Amager Bakke


At the iconic Amager Bakke we have created new nature under extreme and steep conditions! An innovative project with such high complexity has been met with a sensuous and lush landscape at the top of one of Copenhagen’s tallest and steepest buildings, where strong wind and heat from the powerplant underneath have been a great challenge during the development process and construction.

Our multidisciplinary team of landscape architects, biologists and plant experts has thus created a nature project never seen before in modern architecture - bringing new nature, biodiversity and life quality to the city’s local citizens!

Amager Bakke is created in collaboration with our ambitious friends Amager Bakke, Copenhill, BIG, Malmos and MOE.

New 'ecosystem neighborhood' in the heart of Paris


SLA and Biecher Architectes have won the assignment to transform the old central railway site, Ordener-Poissonniers, into a new 3.7 carbon neutral ‘ecosystem neighborhood’ - creating socially sustainable urban development in the historical 18th arrondissement of Paris!

The team’s winning project titled ‘Jardin Mécano’ creates a new urban ecosystem by preserving the site’s remarkable industrial heritage while adding an abundance of green, nature-based public spaces and carbon neutral architecture to the area.

The railways and heavy industry are reused and transformed into a neighborhood based on nature-based design solutions, strengthened social cohesion and on-site renewable energy production. It includes 1000 new residents, public parks, offices, theater, public school, industrial design incubators, a graduate school of design, food courts and urban farming - all in the heart of Paris. 

"The Ordener-Poissonniers project will act as a green generous gift to the city of Paris. In the transformation of the old post-industrial railway site we have especially focused on the values and qualities we want the new development to give back to the neighborhood. By combining the strong industrial character with innovative nature-based designs and public ecosystem services we create a new standard for nature in Paris - where nature is everywhere and where humans, plants and animals can live and flourish together. A radical way of literally growing a new neighborhood out of the existing Parisian soil" says Rasmus Astrup, partner in SLA.

The project is created in collaboration with our friends Emerige and OGIC for Espaces Ferroviaires, SNCF Real Estate and The City of Paris.

Read the article on ArchDaily here!

Housewarming for our new Oslo office


Last week, SLA Norway hosted a well-attended party celebrating our housewarming in Oslo. Thanks to our network of clients, collaborators and friends of the house, our new offices were radiating with energy and a fantastic atmosphere!

The Danish Ambassador to Norway, Jarl-Frijs Madsen, gave an insightful presentation on ‘Megatrends in Urban Development’ emphasizing the importance of exploiting digitalization and technological progress in sustainable urban development. In addition, Rasmus Reinvang, MDG and representative from Oslo City Council, elaborated on the visionary plans for the green urban development in Oslo.

Partner and CEO of SLA Mette Skjold shared the SLA vision of solving urban challenges by using nature ensuring the creation of quality of life and joy. With that starting point, partner of SLA Louise Fiil Hansen elaborated on SLA’s growth journey in Norway over the past five years, on the work that SLA Norway has undertaken to date and our future visions for a nature-based approach to city planning.

Thank you to all of you for joining us in our celebration of our new premises, our 25 brilliant colleagues in Oslo and last - but definitely not least - our vision of changing the world together. We are looking forward to continuing our ambitious collaborations!  

Your sustainable exploratorium of the future


Last Friday, we celebrated topping out the state-of-the-art Naturkraft project in Ringkøbing, Denmark.

The ambition of Naturkraft is to create an iconic exploratorium about nature’s incredible power - located in the Danish west coast’s stunning landscape. Here, the coming visitors will play, learn and get fascinated by the beauty of nature. An exploratorium where curiosity leads to sustainable initiatives!  

The project is developed for the nonprofit fund Naturkraft in close collaboration with Thøgersen & Stouby, Hune & Elkjær, NIRAS, Fuldendt and Hansen & Larsen.

Naturkraft is due to open for the public in June 2020.

Rendering: Thøgersen & Stouby

Gellerup Urban Park reviewed in Arkitekten


Our project Gellerup Urban Park in Aarhus is reviewed in this month’s edition of the acknowledged Danish magazine Arkitekten!

‘(…) The lush green plays the most important role everywhere. You clearly see the ambitious work with biodiversity, which has become a key characteristic for the landscape architects’ - From the review

Gellerup’s new urban park has become the green backbone for the transformation of the area into an attractive neighbourhood in Aarhus. Through our design, the park benefits the local citizens as well as the rest of Aarhus and has become a safe and beautiful green space with activities and functions for all - from playgrounds, climbing towers and outdoor fitness to fruit groves and greenhouses.

The result is a completely new type of urban park that gives safety and new recreational opportunities for the residents while also adding a variety of aesthetic, sensual and human values to the area in a level never seen before.

Our collaborators on the project for Brabrand Boligforening, Aarhus Kommune and Realdania are our great friends EFFEKT, COWI, Social Action, GAME and Boris Brorman Jensen.

Bryggervangen and Skt. Kjelds Square Inaugurated


On Saturday, February 23 2019 at 12:00, Bryggervangen and Skt. Kjelds Square - Copenhagen's largest and greenest cloudburst project - is inaugurated.

Bryggervangen and Skt. Kjelds Square is a prime example of how effective cloudburst adaptation can go hand in hand with green and recreational urban spaces that dampen traffic and strengthen biodiversity.

The combined cloudburst and urban space project uses the rain to bring more nature into Copenhagen. This is done by handling the rainwater on the surface instead of in large sewers. Thus, the rainwater becomes a resource that gives life to plants and trees rather than just ending in overcrowded sewers.

Bryggervangen and Skt. Kjelds Square is Copenhagen’s largest and greenest cloudburst project - and a cornerstone in Copenhagen's Climate District in Østerbro. The project shows how nature-based urban spaces can adapt the city to the increasingly extreme weather events of the coming years in a way that creates added value for all.

Read more about the project here.

Nature will grow in Silkeborg's pedestrian streets


SLA has won the task of developing the central pedestrian streets and squares in Silkeborg. Together with a team consisting of Viggo Madsen, Urban Creators and Ry Outdoor 365, SLA will for the next three years rethink and renew Silkeborg's central pedestrian streets, Vestergade, Søndergade and Søndertorv.

SLA's winning concept is to merge the nature of Søhøjlandet into Silkeborg's city center and through the use of trees, water and green plantation regulate the microclimate and make it even better to live, shop and do business in Silkeborg - all year round.

"Team SLA has presented a concept with a clear and green ambition. They have understood and incorporated Silkeborg's DNA with the green forests and blue lakes, and we find it exciting that they want to bring nature into the cityscape. We look forward to see the concept be further developed into a schematic design proposal with room for retail, play and living areas for all age groups, "says Hans Okholm, Chairman of the Plan and Road Commission in Silkeborg.

The new pedestrian streets are expected to be completed by 2022.

The trees are ready for rain in the Climate Quarter


Friday January 25, the last of 586 trees were planted in one of Copenhagen's largest and greenest climate adaptation projects: Skt. Kjelds Square & Bryggervangen in Østerbro.

The climate adaptation project, designed by SLA, is a pioneering example of nature-based climate adaptation and a cornerstone of Copenhagen's Climate Quarter in Østerbro. The project secures the neighborhood against cloudbursts by enclosing and delaying the rainwater in a large number of specially designed green public spaces. Instead of leading rainwater away in overflowing sewers, the rainwater is handled locally, thus giving life to plants and trees and creating new blue-green nature experiences - right in the middle of the city.

The 586 new trees are central to the project's rainwater management. The trees are planted so that they form part of a network of green rainwater beds, which enable the project to handle even larges cloudburst events. When the cloudbursts hit, the rainwater is led to the rain beds and slowly sinks down locally or further away to the Copenhagen harbor via a cloudburst line.

”The ambition with Skt. Kjelds Square & Bryggervangen has been to create a true Copenhagen-esque climate adaptation. Therefore, the 586 trees are made up of 48 different tree species, such as ile, willow, oak, coniferous trees together with selected exots - all species found in Copenhagen. Together, the trees, plants and rain beds cover 2/3 of the area's original asphalt, which gives a strong nature injection to the neighborhood, ”says Stig L. Andersson, partner and design director in SLA.

In addition to solving the challenges of cloudbursts, the project also provides a large number of green attractions and activities for the residents. Under the tree crowns there are paths to explore and mirabells, walnuts and paradise apples to find. The project provides areas for outdoor dining, benches between the trees and large tree trunks that children can play and climb on - and which insects and wildlife can find home in and which significantly increases the city's biodiversity.

The project will be officially inaugurated late February.

SLA to design the masterplan for Tibble-Åvatriangeln in Täby


We are thrilled to share that SLA, together with Henning Larsen, Second City and Cowi, has won the masterplan for the Tibble-Åvatriangeln area in Täby, Sweden.

The team’s winning proposal TIBBLE 2.0 provides central Täby with a new green heart and a clearly defined green structure that intuitively connects the town to its centre. In this way, the plan unites and strengthens the existing activities and community surrounding the schools, sports clubs, and businesses that are essential to the urban life of central Täby.

By linking existing connections and infrastructure in Täby and creating clearly defined urban spaces, the 292,000 m2 masterplan will tie the periphery of the town to its new green heart – Täby’s new central park. The new central park is strategically located where the residents of Täby will naturally pass by on their way to school, work, Tibble Station or the centre of Täby.

Despite of the masterplan’s overall high density, the new heart of Täby will be characterized by low-rise buildings with public functions for everyone to use, plentiful of sensuous nature and heaps of opportunities for recreation, sport and play.

In both the central park and in the rest of TIBBLE 2.0’s public spaces, city nature is used strategically to optimise the microclimate and create comfortable urban spaces with reduced wind, optimized sun/shade, and a higher perceived temperature which will extend the outdoor season.

With TIBBLE 2.0 our team has created a masterplan that will enable new synergies, strengthen Täby’s identity and create new possibilities for innovation, development and public life in the future Täby.

SLA wins competition for Lemvig Climatorium


We are happy to share that SLA has been selected to do landscape and coastal protection for the new Climatorium in Lemvig. Together, building and landscape will form a new public knowledge hub for issues related to salt water and climate change.

Lemvig Harbour is undergoing a rapid development these years where the quays are bound together, and pedestrians are given new opportunities to move along the harbour front. The Climatorium will continue this development and will be in direct continuation of the harbour promenade The Creative Harbour that SLA won in 2017. The new landscape will partly ensure an easy and safe passage around the building but will also mark the transition between Lemvig's industrial harbour and green shores with a green ‘climate wedge’, which will function partly as an expo-landscape for the users of the Climatorium and partly as a public, green urban space with a comfortable microclimate.

Lemvig Climatorium is part of the climate adaptation project 'Coast to Coast Climate Challenge' which is initiated to secure assets from the negative consequences of climate changes.

The project was won in collaboration with our friends from 3XN and Orbicon and is scheduled to open in 2020.

SLA wins the Jernverkstomta- competition in Notodden, Norway.


Great news from Oslo! We have won both halves of the exciting two-part competition about the planning and design proposal for Jernverkstomta in Notodden, Norway.

Part 1 of the competition was the design of a new care facility for young people with physical and mental disabilities. Our nature-based design approach focused on introducing sense-stimulating and calm outdoor common areas for the facility’s patients and visitors.

Part 2 was a proposal for the urban development of the former industrial site located on the edge of the town, adding valuable green areas for the new residents as well as the general public.

The competition was made in collaboration with our good friends at Dyrvik Arkitekter and Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure.

Read more about the competition and see the full proposal here: 

SLA creates a 600-meter-long ’forest bath’ in Aarhus Ø


During Aarhus Festival 2018 (31. august – 9. september) 600 trees are moved to Aarhus Ø to create a green, temporary urban space in the unused middle section on Bernhard Jensens Boulevard.

The 600 m urban space, SKOVBADET Ø, “The forest bath”, will transform the unused infrastructure area into a 600 m long green public space, showing the opportunities for a nature-based urban development of Aarhus’ new neighborhood, Aarhus Ø.

Water atomizers between the tree trunks is used for irrigation of the trees and to create an ever-changing atmosphere of mist, temperature and humidity.

The different types of trees are chosen based on their ability to clean the pollution from cars, naturally reduce CO2 and create a pleasant microclimate on the wind-swept boulevard. The sense stimulating urban space will maximize nature’s health bringing and stress-reducing qualities, as well as its’ social and community strengthening effect.

”With ’SKOVBADET Ø’ we show how to use nature to solve a wide range of urban challenges, while increasing the quality of life and mental and physical health for people. The project builds upon the Japanese term Shinrin Yoku, which literally means "forest bathing". SKOVBADET Ø shows how an equal balance between the built and the grown environment can create a whole city - a city with quality of life, meaning, good health and well-being for all - says Stig L. Andersson, Design Director and Founder of SLA.

After Aarhus Festival, the 600 trees will be moved to the Gellerup district in Aarhus, where they will be planted in the new SLA-designed city park, as a part of Gellerup's transformation from a exposed residential area to an integrated part of Aarhus.

Background for the project:
SKOVBADET Ø is the second project in the three-year collaboration between SLA and Aarhus Festival.  In 2017, SLA created the urban waterfall VESTERBROFALDET on Vesterbro Torv, illustrating what the grown environment can do to the existing, densely built city center. Click here for the full Aarhus Festival-program.

SLA wins the assignment to design Tromsø Museum


We are proud to reveal that SLA together with Henning Larsen, Cowi, Expology and local architects, Borealis, will design the new University Museum of Tromsø.

The museum and its surroundings will include green park spaces for the visitors and an Arctic display garden, showcasing northern Norway’s unique vegetation. Together with researchers from the University Museum’s botanical department, SLA will compose a unique Arctic vegetation that is viable in the climate and more extreme weather conditions of the future.

The new Tromsø Museum will ensure the public's access to knowledge about the unique nature and culture of northern Norway and the biology of the Arctic – and is to become the leading research institution in research on the Sami and indigenous peoples and the biology of the Arctic.

The project has a value of around 1.2 billion Danish kroner and will be located in the centre of Tromsø on the old Mack Brewery plot.

SLA promenade on Folkemødet from 2019


SLA’s proposal for a new promenade along Allinge’s beautiful rocky coastline will soon be a reality – thanks to new funding from Realdania and Bornholm’ Regionskommune.

The 500 m long promenade will create a new connection between Allinge city centre, the rocky coastline and the Folkemøde site. The promenade is adjusted to the landscape it passes and will create niches for stays, discussions and play - apart from new opportunities to get close to the coastline.

The construction will begin already in the fall and the promenade will therefore soon create recreational value for visitors and locals in Allinge – not only during Folkemødet (‘The People's Political Festival’) but all year round.

Read more here (in Danish)

SLA wins the assignment to design KAB’s new head office


Together with Henning Larsen and NIRAS we have won the assignment to design the new head office for KAB. With its unique location between Vesterbro, Sydhavnen and Carlsbergbyen, it is crucial that the new head office becomes a destination that gives value to the local area. Thus, green outdoor spaces and public roof gardens will provide both social, cultural, recreational and sustainable value for all – whether employees, visitors or the general public.

THE SOUL OF NØRREBRO has been funded!


Yesterday, the City of Copenhagen approved the final funding for our climate adaptation project THE SOUL OF NØRREBRO. In all, 55.2 million DKK is granted for the revitalization of Hans Tavsens Park, Blågård School and Korsgade with a total construction cost (including nature-based climate adaptation measures) of over 130 million DKK. We look forward to move forward with this project which will be a flagship example of how cities can deal with cloudbursts in dense inner-city neighbourhoods while adding unique social, cultural and natural values to increase the life quality of its residents.

SLA has designed THE SOUL OF NØRREBRO in great collaboration with Rambøll, Arki_Lab, Den Nationale Platform for Gadeidræt, Aydin Soei and Social Action.

Find more information on the project here

SUND Naturepark and the Mærsk-tower wins at MIPIM!


Great news from Cannes! SUND NATURE PARK & The Maersk Tower has won the 2018 MIPIM Award for Best Healthcare Development together with our great  clients Bygningsstyrelsen and University of Copenhagen and our talented collaborators  C. F. Møller.  We are happy, hubled and proud. Thank you!

Click here to see the project:

SLA and Ebbe Sand behind Green Sports Hub in Dubai


We have the pleasure of revealing that SLA together with CEBRA is behind the design for the new Green Sports Hub in Dubai. The project is initiated by the former soccer player and current Dubai-inhabitant, Ebbe Sand:

“In Denmark I’ve grown up with the associational life around sports, but you don’t really have that in Dubai. So, this is what I’m trying to establish with this complex where we will provide plenty of sports facilities for both the kids and their parents, instead of them having to go separate places.”

SLA’s design for Green Sports Hub creates sustainable sports facilities with a comfortable microclimate in an otherwise warm and dry environment. To solve this, SLA created green promenades where a strategic design of vegetation and passive cooling creates shadow, higher humidity and a natural lowering of the temperature - together making it possible to exercise outdoors even in the warmest months of summer. The project mission is to create a varied range of sports facilities along with a vibrant and multi-functional attraction that can be used as both a social and educational resource.

The project has a total size of 53.000 m2, total construction costs around 33 million Euros and is expected realised in 2020.

For more info, take a look here.

Final Design for Amager Bakke Revealed


Amager Resource Center and SLA have released the final design drawings of the coming Amager Bakke Waste-to-Energy Plant Rooftop Park – the 16,000 sqm combined ski slope and rooftop activity landscape that will adorn Copenhagen’s newest and most sustainable waste-to-energy plant as a public and nature-filled green rooftop park.

Initially masterplanned by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, the rooftop activity park is designed by Danish city nature experts and landscape architects SLA. When completed in September 2018, the green rooftop park will provide a host of outdoor activities for Copenhageners and visitors alike: Hiking trails, playgrounds, street fitness, trail running, vantage points, climbing walls and shelters – as well as 500+ meters ski slopes designed by BIG.

Creating a nature-filled activity park on top of the 88 meters tall waste-to-energy plant is a project without previous references: The extremely steep slope of the roof has put great demands on the planting design and the construction of the landscape, and the complicated wind and weather conditions 88 meters up in the air create difficult living conditions for trees and plants. The heat from the large energy boilers under the roof had to be handled (some places creating ground temperatures around 60 degrees Celsius), and a variety of security and safety demands addressed.

“The project to create an attractive and green activity rooftop park on top of Amager Bakke has been very challenging. Not only because of the extreme natural – and unnatural – conditions of the site and the rooftop itself, which put severe stress on plants, trees and landscape. But also because we’ve had to ensure that the rooftop’s many activities are realized in an accessible, intuitive and inviting manner. The goal is to ensure that Amager Bakke will become an eventful recreational public space with a strong aesthetic and sensuous city nature that gives value for all Copenhageners - all year round”, says SLA partner Rasmus Astrup.

To solve these challenges, SLA has worked with a wide range of nature-based design solutions, testing types of vegetation and materials in 1:1 experiments. Different nature biotopes have been specially selected to accommodate the challenging living conditions of the roof and to provide optimal microclimate and wind shelter for the visitors. The result is a highly wild, lush and resilient green nature design which allows for year-round use of the rooftop while providing a sensuous and diverse environment as a basis for all the rooftop’s activities.

But SLA’s project will not only provide green attractions on the rooftop. The nature design has been devised so it will naturally spread to the surrounding city.

“The rooftop’s nature is designed to attract and shelter a wide selection of birds, bees, butterflies and insects, which in itself will mean a dramatic increase in the biodiversity of the area. And utilizing natural pollination and seed dispersal will mean that we can spread the rooftop nature to also benefit the adjacent industry area, parking lots and infrastructure. In this way, Amager Bakke will function as a generous ‘green bomb’ that will radically green-up the entire area”, says Rasmus Astrup.

The Amager Bakke Rooftop Park will be completed September 2018. 

SLA Oslo Wins FutureBuilt Competition at Fornebu


SLA has won the FutureBuilt competition to develop Norway’s largest carbon neutral urban area at Fornebu, right outside of Oslo! Our project FORNEBUHAGEN (The Fornebu Garden) was done in a great collaboration with Dyrvik Arkitekter, Transborder Studio and Bollinger + Grohmann and aims at developing the 37,000 m2 big urban and sustainable area with a strong focus on green mobility, urban farming, social sustainability and sharing economy. We look forward to developing the ambitious project together with OBOS.

SUND Nature Park Wins Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2017


SLA and SUND Nature Park has won the Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2017, which honors the best and most sustainable green roof in Scandinavia every year. The jury's motivation for awarding SLA the award reads:

“The Mærsk Tower’s green roof successfully merges large roof surfaces of 5,000 m2 with sophisticated design and replication of different Danish habitats. As a public green roof project, it takes responsibility for the public good, being primarily based on recycled materials and with significant cuts in storm water runoff for better climate adaptation in a dense urban area.”

The Scandinavian Green Roof Award is Scandinavia’s leading green roof award which is given annually to recognize excellence in the field of green roofs and to inspire owners, designers and builders toward quality and innovation. It is the third time in four years that SLA wins the award. SLA's former winning projects are Egedal City Hall (2016) and Novo Nordisk Nature Park (2014).

The 5,000 m2 green roof is constructed by Skælskør Anlægsgartnere in collaboration with Byggros and Birkholm Planteskole. The building is designed by C.F. Møller. Engineer is Ramboll. Client is Bygningsstyrelsen.

SLA wins the competition to design Norway’s new Government Quarter


Wednesday the 27th of September at 11 o’clock the competition to rebuild Norway’s new Government Quarter that was damaged during Anders Breivik’s terror attack in July 2011, was decided. The winner was Team URBIS, with Danish landscape architects SLA on the team. Team URBIS’ winning proposal ADAPTS was chosen because of its unique way to integrate a fully secured Government Quarter with pleasant, open and democratic urban spaces, parks and green recreational spots, while functioning as a naturally extension of Oslo.

The Government Quarter’s new urban spaces alone have a total construction budget exceeding 21 mio. EUR that makes it the absolute biggest Scandinavian urban space- and landscape project.

The rebuilding of The Government Quarter is the biggest and most important architectural assignment in Norway for many decades, and we are extremely proud and happy to be chosen together with Team URBIS, to design this historical project. Our proposal for the Government Quarter adds a series of public parks and urban spaces that all contains integrated security measures that besides creating safety and security against attacks also increase city life and add new urban qualities to an open, free and democratic Oslo”, says Louise Fill Hansen, Associate Partner and Head of SLA Oslo.

In the announcement the competition jury considers ADAPT to be “an outright winner” of the competition and among others things commends the proposal for its “varied and friendly streetscapes” and its “unique ensemble between the buildings and the urban spaces, where the three central and fully worked out urban spaces: The Government Park, Einar Gerhardsens square and Johan Nygaardsvolds Square each has a unique identity and character in the quarter”. The integrated security measures protecting against terrorism and its increase of city life and coherence also gets full marks.

Unfortunately, recent years have seen a growing demand for more security and terrorism prevention – in Oslo like many other cities -  in the urban planning of our cities.  ADAPT shows how perimeter security and a sense of security, can go hand in hand with open and attractive urban spaces and a vibrant and diverse city life. By using friendly urban furniture, trees city nature, water level, topography and different levels we create security, safety and clarity without compromising the Nordic historical ideals about democracy and openness” says Louise Fill Hansen.

Team URBIS consists of Nordic – Office of Architecture, Haptic Architects, COWI, Aas-Jakobsen, Ingeniør Per Rasmussen, Rambøll, Asplan Viak, SLA, Bjørbekk & Lindheim, Scenario, NIKU and Norsam.

Construction is expected to start  2020 and be completed in 2027

SLA to draw their first US project


We are happy to be a part of Monroe Block, our big revitalization project in downtown Detroit. Together with med Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Neumann Smith and Buro Happold Engineering we kick-start a green, democratic and urban transformation of the heart of Detroit. Monroe Blocks combines high-rise with low-rise residential units, green roof top terraces, pedestrian walkways and new urban spaces that ties together the city center and creates a greener, cleaner and more social city life. 

Read more here

SLA to draw innovative urban space for Manila’s new iconic tower


We are happy to announce that we are on the winning team in the international competition for a new iconic tower and urban space in Manila. Together with Henning Larsen and Buro Happold Engineering we have created a high-rise building featuring workspaces, restaurants, a civic center with exhibition spaces, a public observatory at the top and a urban space with a dense tropical forest at the bottom. The project shows how high-rise buildings combined with nature-based design solutions on street level can bring new utility and amenity values to the public realm.

Read more about the project here

Aarhus Festuge opens with a splash!


This Friday Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard, Head of Aarhus Festuge Rikke Øxner and SLA Founding Partner Stig L. Andersson joined forces to open the 2017 Aarhus Festuge. The opening happened at VESTERBRO FALLS where the SLA designed combined nature/architecture installation was officially inaugurated and opened for the public.

VESTERBRO FALLS shows 1:1 how city nature can strengthen the quality of life in Aarhus. The experience of nature in the middle of the busy Vesterbro Torv creates a natural balance to Aarhus’ exceptional construction boom while the trees clean the air and the cascading water blocks the sound of cars. By thus focusing on all the benefits nature has on our urban lives, VESTERBRO FALLS demonstrates the importance of considering nature, public space and social community when we develop the future of our cities.

(Photo CreditPolfoto)

Inauguration of FOSSEN


Today we had the great pleasure to inaugurate FOSSEN – the green/blue/white entry point to our new Gellerup Urban Park. In FOSSEN a white wavering concrete path rises from street level and creates access to the new park while forming a series of places to relax, meet and explore.

Through the landscape typography rainwater is collected and forming a series of small basins for play and natural cooling, while 80 cedar and fruit trees create a lush and shady atmosphere.

 FOSSEN is the first completed part of our great regeneration project GELLERUP URBAN PARK aiming to transform the largest social housing area in Denmark into a new and thriving part of Aarhus.

Learn more about the project here

SLA wins first stage of The New Government Quarter in Oslo


We are thrilled to reveal that SLA and TEAM URBIS have won the first stage of Norway’s biggest architectural competition: The New Government Quarter in Oslo! The project involves new parks, urban spaces and public realms – all with integrated security measures that lift public life, add new urban qualities and keep Oslo democratic, open and safe.

The project is the result of a great collaboration with our friends Nordic — Office of ArchitectureRambollBjørbekk & Lindheim Landskapsarkitekter MNLAAsplan ViakCOWIAas-Jakobsen ASHaptic Architects, Scenario and NIKU.

SLA Creates Nature-Based Epicenter For Roskilde Festival’s Artzone


The arts program for this year's Roskilde Festival takes place in a nature-based and lush setting, designed by SLA. The project, called THE OASIS, is the epicenter of this year’s Art Zone at Roskilde Festival.

With THE OASIS, SLA creates an organic and sensuous nature space for performances, poetry readings, artworks and informal social gatherings. 70 trees form a close and lush frame around a large oval scene and bind each artwork together in a common space. Around the scene a green hill terrain with trees, furniture, wood stumps and gigantic ‘grass pillows’ is made – providing room for social meetings, for relaxation and to enjoy THE OASIS’s landscape on the border between man-made art and nature.

THE OASIS creates a framework for ART ZONE, in which the individual artworks can unfold and be experienced in conjunction with stage performances, other guests and nature. The close connection between the artistic, the organic and the social creates its own complex character, in which the disintegration between man-made and non-man-made forms a very own, sensuous world.

SLA and Aarhus Festuge transform Aarhus 1:1


SLA and Aarhus Festuge have signed a 3-year strategic collaboration. The goal is an innovative and constructive 1: 1 dialogue on the development of Aarhus with human and nature at the center.

The collaboration implies that SLA will make a temporary urban space project for Aarhus Festuge in the next three years, showing 1:1 how Aarhus can ensure a holistic and natural development of the city. The goal is to build a bridge between the built and grown environment of Aarhus - between the city's many new building projects and that which also makes life worth living in the city: nature experiences, social communities, art, health and a sustainable life.

"Aarhus undergoes big developments these years. The world has its eyes directed at the city in prestigious international magazines or most recently as the European Capital of Culture in 2017. Aarhus has momentum - and the development is rapid. That's why we have joined Aarhus Festuge to use the next 3 years strategically to explore the potentials for a green, nature-based urban development of Aarhus which can balance the exceptional construction boom. The goal is to develop a very special Aarhusian version of city nature which builds bridge between the grown and the built environment in the city, thus ensuring and strengthening the continued city quality and quality of life in Aarhus, "says partner and founder of SLA, Stig L Andersson.

The process is started during this year's Festuge, where SLA transforms Vesterbro Torv from gray parking area to a new green-blue space for public life.

Full house for launch of OSLO 100 000


We had a full house Tuesday, June 13, when SLA, Grape Architects and Asplan Viak invited all interested parties to the launch of our new project OSLO 100 000. The project explores the potentials for densification of the Oslo Sentrum and how to create a pedestrian friendly, attractive and livable city center. Thank you for coming!

SLA wins competition to design Lemvig's new waterfront


We are happy to share that we have won the competition for the climate adaptation and development of Lemvig Harbor together with Ivan Jacobsen Contractors and Orbicon A/S.

Our proposal combines flood protection with a new recreational and creative harbor promenade - with activities ranging from food stalls and lookout spots to outdoor learning spaces and new maritime businesses.

SLA behind 75.000 m2 Hans Christian Andersen Park Projekt in Nordhavn


We are excited to share the news about our latest project in Copenhagen: The Hans Christian Andersen Adventure Tower + Public Park in Nordhavn, Copenhagen.

The HCA Adventure Tower project involves a 30,000 m2 amusement park + a 35,000 m2 free public park, both of which will be designed by SLA. The project also involves student housing, infrastructure, retail and Scandinavia’s highest tower designed by our friends BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group. The project will open in 2027.

“The new Hans Christian Andersen amusement park and free public park will be a park for the whole of Copenhagen. Imagine how the tree-tops will create a single green roof for the whole area. An oasis where people can rest on the grass, enjoy the amusements, eat in the restaurants, appreciate nature, experience wildlife and take in the view of the tower, the harbor and the seascape. The park will create a better microclimate in terms of wind, weather and warmth, and it will safeguard the climate of the nearby neighborhoods. It will be a park that gives a lot of value back to the city in terms of nature, biological diversity, economy, social capital, sustainability and aesthetics,” says SLA partner Rasmus Astrup​.

Nothing has been designed yet, because we want to invite all Copenhageners into the process of creating the city’s next green world-class attraction together with us.

Read more about the project here.

SLA wins two World Landscape Architecture Awards


We are very proud to reveal that we have been appointed winners of two World Landscape Architecture Awards! Our climate adaptation project THE SOUL OF NØRREBRO has won the Award of Excellence in the Conceptual Design category. And WHY WE LOVE TREES - our illustrated guide to the importance of trees in city planning - has won the Merit Award in the Research & Communication category.

Learn more about THE SOUL OF NØRREBRO here:

You can read WHY WE LOVE TREES for free along with our other publications here:

SLA wins competition for The New Hedeland


SLA has won the parallel competiton for the development of The New Hedeland - a 1,500 ha cultural landscape. In SLA's development plan the area's unique nature and 10,000 years of cultural history complement each other in a coherent concept, creating new space for co-creation, interaction and cognition.

The project is won in a strong collaboration with 2+1 Idebureau, Realize, Johansen Skovsted and Morten DD.

Read more about the project here.

SLA wins new urban area in Gothenburg


SLA has, together with Henning Larsen and COWI, been selected to design a dense and mixed urban area around Chalmers University and Lindholmen Science Park at Centrala Lindholmen in Gothenburg.

The vision is to make Lindholmen a diverse town where students, business people and residents live together to mutual benefits. The undefined space between the area’s existing buildings is transformed into active, intimate spaces and supplied with a unique identity associated with the water and the harbor, which will be the hallmark of the new urban area.

SLA wins competition for new Aquatic Center in Linköping, Sweden


Together with our friends from 3XN we have won the competition to design the new aquatic center and its urban spaces in Linköping, Sweden. The scheme has been named ‘Vågen’ - meaning ‘The Wave’, as the project seeks to establish a relationship between the building and its waterside location, mediating between the city and the lake. The project will begin in September 2017 and is expected to complete in 2021.

SLA wins assignment to develop Gothenburg Harbour the next 15 years


We are happy to announce that we have won the assignment to develop 100.000 m2 of urban space in Frihamnen, Gothenburg  for the next 15 years. Frihamnen is a central part in the development of Gothenburg Harbour, one of the biggest urban development projects in Scandinavia. SLA’s project will ensure a diverse urban life and the strengthening of the existing, local nature qualities in the future harbor city.

The proposal is a cornerstone in the developing of Gothenburg, besides from SLA’s urban spaces, temporary housing is being build among others: residences for new arrivals, corporate residences and youth housing, to loosen up the student housing market that is under big pressure.  The temporary development of Frihamnen will both create a unique urban life and make the area an attraction for the entire Gothenburg, where the citizens the next 15 years will take active part in growing their new city in 1:1 scale.

SLA is in charge of the temporary urban spaces in an international team consisting of Swedish Tell Architects and Spanish Selgascano, well-known for the Serpentine Pavillion 2015.

Mette Skjold gives keynote lecture at KADK about UN sustainability goals in architectural practice


Back in 2015 a set of 17 sustainability goals, a part of a new sustainable development agenda, were set by UN to transform our world. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years, among those: to protect our planet, ensure prosperity for all, halt biodiversity loss and to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. To reach the goals everyone needs to take part and yesterday SLA partner Mette Skjold, gave one of her keynote lectures at KADK – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, to mark the kick off of the school’s new United Nation Program on sustainable design that intends to show how the goals can be put into practice. In her lecture Mette Skjold explained how SLA works to incorporate UN’s global goals into architectural practice to create meaningful architecture and innovative solutions that respond to national and global problems.


Read more here

SLA signing the final contract for REINVENT.PARIS TERNES


Last week SLA signed the final contract for REINVENT.PARIS TERNES - our project that transforms the busy Boulevard Périphérique into an attractive and lush oasis by adding a 5,000 m2 green, sustainable and social urban space across the ringroad.

According to plan the project  starts up in 2019 and is to be due for completion in mid 2022.Reinvent.Paris Ternes is done together with our great partners BNP Paribas Real Estate, Jacques Ferrier Architecture and Chartier Dalix architectes.

Click here to read more detailed about the project and watch partner Rasmus Astrup explaining the nature-based principles behind the design.

Holiday greetings from SLA


2016 is coming to an end and we are taking a moment to look back on this special year. Among a lot of things we won several large competitions in Denmark, Norway and abroad, curated the exhibition ‘The City of a Billion Pines’ in Beijing, promoted the nature-based city agenda to world leaders on a global stage, received both the Danish and Norwegian Landscape Award and won the Nordic Built Cities Challenge – The largest and most prestigious Nordic architecture competition within sustainable urban development.
We are also celebrating the holiday season on Instagram @sla_architects, where our advent calendar looks back on ideas, thoughts and processes that have formed and inspired our work through the years.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you

Two SLA projects nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award


SLA has two projects nominated for the prestigious EU Prize Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award.

The first project is Green Solution House and its innovative landscape ‘Green Footprints’ which uses natural and local materials to create a fully climate adapted nature space that is a demonstratorium for circular sustainability. The project was done in a beautiful collaboration with 3XN/GXN, STEENBERGs Tegnestue, Ramboll and COWI - and with strong support from our strategic partners Realdania and VELUX. 

The second project is Malmö LIVE, done in close collaboration with Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and Skanska. Here SLA has designed the bridge and the outdoor spaces that act like an inviting foyer and event space for the new concert and congress hall.

SLA participates in COP22 and C40


The past month COP22 in Marrakech, Marokko and recently C40 in Ciudad de Mexico, brought together city officials, global business executives, mayors and leading thinkers from around the world to fight climate change and create a resilient urban future.

 SLA’s partner Mette Skjold participated in a series of talks and events during the two summits, showcasing urban space best practices and promoting nature-based city development as a way forward to create healthier, more resilient and more sustainable cities. 

SLA Wins Scandinavia’s Biggest Architecture Award


‘THE SOUL OF NØRREBRO’ – our proposal for a nature-based climate adaptation of Hans Tavsens Park and Korsgade in Copenhagen wins the Nordic Built Cities Challenge Award – Scandinavia's largest and most prestigious architecture competition.

We are honored and proud to announce that our proposal for the climate adaption of Hans Tavsens Park and Korsgade ‘THE SOUL OF NØRREBRO’ has won Scandinavia’s biggest and most ambitious architecture competition regarding sustainable urban development, Nordic Built Cities Challenge.

Our proposal shows the way forward for using nature to create better and more livable cities by using nature-based design solutions to solve a wide range of urban challenges while also creating new amenity values, cultural innovation and social communities in Copenhagen.

“The idea of our project, THE SOUL OF ​​NØRREBRO, is to create a project that improves the quality of life for the entire Inner Nørrebro. Our solution is based on creating a robust city nature that both solves the specific problem of handling torrential rain to avoid flooding, while at the same time creating a new and coherent series of urban spaces that offer stronger social community, greener and more natural experiences and new, creative opportunities for all Copenhageners,” says Stig L. Andersson, partner and design director of SLA.

The project was designed by SLA as the head of an inter-Scandinavian team which also includes Ramboll (technical lead), Arki_Lab, Social Action, Gadeidræt, Aydin Soei and Saunders Architecture, and has been selected between more than 145 entries from all six Nordic countries,

According to plan, THE SOUL OF ​​NØRREBRO will start construction in 2019 and will be finished in 2022.

Click here to download the full project description

SLA Oslo wins Lindruppbakken/Råkeløkkveien in Drøbak


The “Dream garden” comes true! 
We are proud to announce that ‘Drømmehagen’ - our proposal for the development of a new residential area in Drøbak, south of Oslo – is a winner!  

Together with our Torggate-neighbors Haptic and wood experts Oslotre AS we have created a modern, livable part of town, blending in with Drøbak’s well-preserved historic wooden houses. The project proposes three large wooden houses with a mix of residential and commercial uses, and an underground car park, allowing public gardens and private court yards to flourish between the buildings.  

Read more and see the full presentation here:

SLA to Make Landscape Design for Amager Bakke


How do you create a green and attractive landscape on top of a 85 meters high waste-to-energy plant? That is the challenge SLA is facing on one of the most complicated landscape architectural projects in the world: The urban ski slope on top of Amager Bakke in Copenhagen.

The project is done in close collaboration with BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group and will include specially designed nature, hiking trails, vantage points and 500+ meters of ski slopes.

The landscape project is without previous references: The steep slope of the roof puts great demands on the construction of the landscape, and the complicated wind and weather conditions 85 meters up in the air create difficult living conditions for trees and plants. The heat from the large energy boilers under the roof must be handled, and a variety of security and safety demands addressed.

To solve these challenges, SLA and BIG are working with a wide range of nature-based design solutions, testing different types of vegetation and materials on top of the roof in 1:1 experiments. The goal is to ensure that Amager Bakke will become an eventful recreational public space with a strong aesthetic and sensuous city nature that gives value for all Copenhageners - all year round.

(Visualization: BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group)

Can Architecture Make a Difference?


Hvordan kan arkitektur skabe bedre levevilkår for de flere hundred tusinde flygtninge, hvis hverdag udspilles i Jordans flygtningelejre? I denne uge er udvalgte SLA’ere rejst til Amman for at sætte gang i vores særlige udviklingsprojekt, der har fokus på den internationale flygtningekrise i Mellemøsten. Sammen med vores projektpartner Danida afholdes møder med interessegrupper, lokale myndigheder og potentielle samarbejdspartnere såsom Dansk Flygtningehjælp. Vi glæder os til at følge og fortælle mere om udviklingen af projektet, som adresserer en af de vigtigste humanitære udfordringer i vores tid. 

SLA Wins New Town Hall in Uppsala, Sweden


We are excited to announce that we have won the competition for a new town hall in Uppsala, Sweden. Together with our friends from Henning Larsen Architects and Tyréns we have designed a new town hall and a green, public gathering place for the entire city.

The ambition of the new town hall of Uppsala and its outdoor spaces is to enter into a close dialogue with the citizens. SLA’s main contribution to the project is the new urban space that welcomes visitors and employees and unifies the everyday life of Uppsala with the activities inside the town hall. Trees and vegetation creates an attractive and recreational outdoor urban space. Continuous coating connects the outdoor spaces with a green indoor courtyard, thus making the experience of nature a daily part of working in Uppsala Town Hall.

“Our vision is a welcoming, modern town hall that promotes dialogue with the citizens, and is a functional work place and a meeting place for both citizens, officials and politicians. At the same time we want to preserve the architectural value of the original town hall. I think the winning proposal has solved this equation in a very elegant way,” says Marlene Burwick, Major of Uppsala and chairman of the jury.

The proposal will form the basis for further development of the town hall and the project with be adapted in close collaboration between the winning team and the Municipality of Uppsala. The construction of the new town hall will begin in 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2020.

Read more about the winning project here 

Meet the SLA'yers


As a part of our SLA summer series, we introduce you to some of our dear team members, who give you a unique insight in their position and work in our offices. They share their thoughts about working for SLA, personal inspiration, favorite trees, great nature experiences and which of our projects they would like to visit the most this summer.

Click on the names below and find out what makes a 30-year-old musician becoming a landscape architect, why all birds want to be at the top of the tree and why the unique cycle of the Anastatica Hierochuntica plant makes it perfect for arid climate.

FemkeAgnesAlexandraBjørnPhilippeAnne and Erling Christoffer.

SLA receives Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2016


SLA's green roof for Egedal City Hall and Health Center wins the Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2016. The award honors the best and most sustainable green roof in Scandinavia.

SLA's green roof is located on the 1st floor and constitutes the entire roof structure of the health center. The large green roof garden uses local plants to create a lush and green natural setting with scents, colors and sounds which offer new social possibilities for both the town hall employees, the health center's users and Egedal’s citizens.

"The green roof on Egedal City Hall and Health Center is a good example of how we use nature innovatively to create both functional and recreational qualities. Using a variety of local plants and trees we have dramatically increased the biodiversity in the area and improved the building’s ability to handle climate change. At the same time the nature design create new social meeting places for the employees and restorative sensory inputs to the health center's users, who in this way are offered a strong natural experience - right outside their doors, "says Mette Skjold, CEO of SLA.

The green roof is constructed by Malmos A/S. The building is designed by Henning Larsen Architects.

This is the second time that the SLA receives the Scandinavian Green Roof Award. In 2014 the studio won the award for the project Novo Nordisk Natural Park.

Read more about the award here.

SLA Selected to Design Danish Film City


Together with AART Architects, Ramboll and Kvorning Design & Kommunikation, we have won the competition to extend Filmby Aarhus and transform it into a creative hub, not only for filmmakers, but for the entire city of Aarhus. The competition was launched in March by Filmby Aarhus and Aarhus Municipality in order to promote a positive development of the film city and add new qualities and experiences to the area where Aarhus harbour meets the city centre.

Read more about the project here (in Danish).

The Story of the Blind (from the Springs near Vejby)


Looking for art and inspiration in Denmark this summer? Then why not visit the exhibition by SLA founding partner Stig L. Andersson at the North Coast Art Triennale at Munkeruphus.

Stig L. Andersson’s contribution to the Triennale is called The story of the Blind (from the Springs near Vejby), the Return of the Wolf and Thor’s Goat in Wolf’s Clothing and is a narrative that weaves local events, legends and weather together with specific places and objects found both in the landscape and in the cultural institutions of northern Sjælland. The exhibition shows and builds relationships between culturally created objects and discoveries, natural objects and feelings, elements and myths.

The exhibition runs until August 14. Read more here:

SLA to Develop Ballerup City Center


We are thrilled to announce that we have won yet another major competition: The Station Area and masterplan for Ballerup City Center.

The proposal focuses on the suburb’s characteristic, pulsating commuter patterns in the design of Ballerups most central urban space: the station area. The station area is a busy transportation hub facilitating thousands of commuters every day, at all hours of the day, all year round. Our proposal aims to combine efficient public transport with rich, sensuous experiences, amplifying the change of time and season.

See the project here and read the press release here:

SLA wins the Nordic Built-challenge Hans Tavsens Park and Korsgade!


We are extremely happy to announce that we have won the big CLOUDBURST & CULTURE competition about the renewal and climate adaption of one of our favorite places in Copenhagen: Hans Tavsens Park and Korsgade in Inner Nørrebro in Copenhagen. The 140 million DKK urban space project will be a flagship example of how cities can deal with cloudbursts in dense inner city neighborhoods while adding unique social, cultural and natural values to increase the life quality of its residents.

Our winning proposal THE SOUL OF NØRREBRO uses nature-based climate adaption solutions to create new hydrological, biological and social ecosystems for Inner Nørrebro and builds upon Inner Nørrebro’s unique qualities and spirit – from the quiet beauty of Assistens Cemetery to the busy, urban life on Rantzausgade.

The result is an integrated urban design and climate adaption project that through robust city nature averts flooding while creating a series of new urban spaces. The project also finds innovative ways to include the local schools in the development of city nature, and introduces a new natural solution to use city nature biotopes to clean the water of the Copenhagen Lakes.

The project is made in great collaboration with Rambøll, Arki_lab, Todd Saunders, Social action, Den nationale platform for Gadeidæt and Aydin Soei. 


See the project here: 

SLA receives the ‘Copenhagen Business Award’ !


We are very honored to announce that SLA is the recipient of the Municipality of Copenhagen’s first ever ‘Copenhagen Business Award’!

We have won in the category ‘Attractive City’ for making our mark on our beloved home town: Using our nature-based design approach to make Copenhagen a greener, more sustainable and better place to live, while adding growth, job creation and the export of innovative green city solutions to the rest of the world.

The jury - consisting of Lord Mayor Frank Jensen and mayors Morten Kabell, Anna Mee Allerslev and Carl Christian Ebbesen – has selected SLA for the following reasons:

“SLA has for the last 20 years left their distinctive mark on the urban spaces of Copenhagen. The office’s focus on climate adaptation and city nature makes SLA a good candidate for the Business Award 2016. SLA’s work in the Climate Neighborhood in Østerbro has put Copenhagen on the global map as a pioneer in nature based climate adaption. SLA’s work with biodiversity and resilient nature-based climate solutions in Copenhagen should also be noted.”

Read more:

The City of a Billion Pines


June 10 we open our exhibition 'The City of a Billion Pines’ at the Danish Cultural Center in 798 Art District, Beijing, China.

'The City of a Billion Pines' presents a nature-based vision for Beijing's development. The aim of the exhibition is to provide us with a concrete understanding of what a city can be when nature becomes a complementary part to the built environment. Thus, a complete city.

'The City of a Billion Pines' is realized in collaboration with the Danish Cultural Center and with financial support from Realdania. Other collaborators are Mike Ameko Lippert, SUPERTUSCH and Engelhardt Studio. 

'The City of a Billion Pines' is part of a new initiative called ‘A New Welfare’, a platform for dialogue and collaboration in continuation of the Danish participation in the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 called 'Empowerment of Aesthetics’.

See the invite here: 

Come celebrate SLA Oslo’s new associated partner and our brand new offices!


After two years in Majorstuen, SLA Oslo have flown the nest and moved to their new offices in Torggata centrally in Oslo – the perfect foundation for continuing the growth we have experienced since the beginning of SLA Oslo.

We now invite all our friends and collaborators to our Open House, Torsdag d. 28 april kl. 15-18,  to thank you for the collaborations so far – and toast to many future projects.

We also celebrate the announcement of Louise Fiil Hansen, head of SLA Oslo, who is now associated partner in SLA. Louise has since the very beginning of SLA Oslo worked hard to establish the young office, and led the company to a great growth. Louise has been in charge of many new projects and created strong client relations and corporative relationships. That Louise is now associate partner is a part of our ambition of SLA continuous growth – now in great, new offices centrally in Oslo.

We hope you will come by our offices to celebration SLA Oslo and our talented employees with us.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

SLA Oslo

Torggata 38

Download invitationen her

The SLA Library in Mark Magazine April-May issue!


We are very excited that this month's issue of Mark Magazine features SLA and our 5,000 book library. 

For almost a year we have had two dedicated librarians working full steam to organize and systemize SLA’s founder Stig L.Andersson’s lifelong book collection. This was not an easy task since many of the rare books did not fit in the traditional architecture-book shelves, such as the books about philosophy and fungus, Japanese fiction, the creation of snowflakes og poems about butterflies.

SLA 5,000 book library is now up and running and accessible to everyone in the office. And we are thrilled that the library caught MARK Magazines attention. 


Click here to purchase the magazine and read more about our librarian here. 

SLA wins Reinventer Paris


Urban life and city nature in three dimensions. That is the main concept of SLA's winning project in the international mega competition Reinventer Paris. Here SLA has won one of the competition’s central projects: Ternes-Villiers. In the project, SLA creates a distinctive, green urban space on top of the Boulevard Peripherique - the big ring road that circles the whole of Paris.

SLA's winning project combines city nature-based ecosystem services, fully climate-adapted urban spaces and new social meeting places with underground parking, pedestrian-friendly connections and large roof terraces, which among other things will house a tea plantation. The project puts a 5,000 m2 urban roof deck across the Boulevard Périphérique and ties the City of Paris together with its suburbs.

"The project is a rethinking of both urban life and city nature in the Parisian periphery. By working with city nature and urban life as complete ecosystems we can create new urban experiences and brand new green contexts in an otherwise very gray and traffic-congested part of Paris. The project not only offers green attractions at street level, but lifts urban life and city nature high over Paris’ facades and roofs, which adds a whole new dimension to what it means to live and work in Paris," says partner Rasmus Astrup.

In Reinventer Paris over 650 international architectural teams has for over 14 months competed for 23 key sites in Paris. It is one of these sites, SLA has won. Among the winners of the other sites are Sou Fujimoto, Dominique Perrault and David Chipperfield.

SLA's winning project is created in collaboration with the major French bank BNP Paribas, which also serves as the project’s investor. Building architects on the team is the French architects Jacques Ferrier Architecture and Chartier Dalix Architectes.

Read more about Reinventer Paris here.

TEAM SLA shortlisted for the Nordic Built Challenge: Cloudburst and Culture


Team SLA has been shortlisted for the Nordic Built Competition: Cloudburst and Culture.

The task of the assignment is to combine innovative rainwater solutions with a cultural and social revitalization of a central and highly dense area of Copenhagen: Inner Nørrebro.

Amongst the themes addressed in the competition will be the transformation of Hans Tavsens Park into a greenspace collecting heavy rainwater, implementation of cloudburst roads, the design of a series of green urban spaces and safer traffic solutions.

SLA will be leading a multidisciplinary team consisting of Rambøll, Liveable Cities Lab / Herbert Dreiseitl, Arki_lab, Den Nationale Platform for Gadeidræt, Social Action and sociologist Aydin Soei.

The other finalists are fellow Copenhageners: Team EFFEKT and Team Tredje Natur. 

Read more about the competition here: 

SLA wins Danish Landscape Award


Monday January 25, Danish Minister of Culture Bertel Haarder presented the Danish Landscape Award 2015 to SLA who received the award for Novo Nordisk Nature Park. It happened at a ceremony in Folketingets Fællessal.

In its motivation the jury highlights SLA's winning project for its sustainable approach and high artistic value:

“The project for Novo Nordisk Nature Park is seen by the jury as both contemporary and forward-looking. Based on the architects' approach to landscape as infrastructure for both ecological, economic and social flows the landscape architecture is brought into play in relation to a number of the most important challenges of today. The project is also seen as being in dialogue with the modern tradition in the Danish landscape art that created architecture based on the grown and the planted as key components.

The project stands as a convincing proposal for how a new interpretation of the park-typology in a suburban context can help to transform these areas, and the project should be a reference project when it comes to suburban sustainable transformation. The rethinking of the relationship between global business and local community, between private and public, between wild and controlled, and between work and leisure is inspiring. Novo Nordisk Nature Park is both beautiful domicile architecture and an interesting take on a suburban park for the 21st century.

In the allocation of the Danish Landscape Award 2015, the jury focuses on the park's forward-thinking approach to sustainability and the thorough work with habitats, water management, health and business profile. However, it is in particular the role the landscape architects have taken as advisors to the client that is honored today. Through collaboration, the client, as well as the city, has received a gift they did not know they wanted. This willingness and ability to transcend conventional notions, and through cooperation to formulate new solutions to unrecognized needs and problems, deserves in the jury’s conviction to stand as a model for landscape architecture. Especially when, as with SLA's work with Novo Nordisk Nature Park, this is combined with a high artistic value and a convincing grip on landscape architecture’s means.”

Rasmus Astrup, partner at SLA, also highlights the collaboration with Novo Nordisk:

"We are extremely pleased and proud of the professional expression that lies in receiving the Danish Landscape Award. Novo Nordisk Nature Park could only have been realized through a great teamwork with Novo Nordisk, where we have created a project based on strong nature values. Our ambition has been to create the prototype of the sustainable domicile park of the future – a 100 percent climate adapted nature park that provides value, health and joy to Novo Nordisk’s employees and also contributes positively to the local area in terms of increased plant and animal life. Just imagine that the worldwide headquarters of the most successful Danish company is surrounded by lush nature with dead trees and maximal biodiversity – that’s wild."

Kristina Lee, Corporate Vice President of Novo Nordisk A / S, says.

"Our goal was to restore nature to an old industrial area which Novo Nordisk has been a part of since the 1960s. In line with our triple bottom line about taking environmental responsibility, we chose to specifically invest in nature and landscape design. We have marshes, lakes and forests as neighbors, and the goal was to create a biodiversity reflecting the North Zealand countryside. In close collaboration with SLA we have created an open, lush and public park which sets a green fingerprint in the local area. A sustainable nature project which we hope supports plants and animals while at the same time being used year round by neighbors, guests and staff.”

SLA wins De Gamles By


We are thrilled to tell you that we have won the assignment to create the new green spaces for ’De Gamles By’ in Copenhagen. The project involves the creation of several multi-functional park spaces and the incorporation of climate adaption in a cohesive green design. The project will add much needed nature amenity value to one of the most densely populated areas of Copenhagen – Inner Nørrebro. We cannot wait to start the project together with the City of Copenhagen.

Happy 2016!


Happy 2016 everyone!

2015 was a great year for SLA. Among many other things, we opened our new office in Aarhus, inaugurated the new landscape for the International Criminal Court in The Hague, curated the exhibition “Growth - Together we grow and build the future” and won the competition for Copenhagen’s stand-out climate adaption project: Bryggervangen and Skt. Kjelds Square.

We are excited to see what 2016 will bring!

In the meantime, you can have a look back into our archives in our 2015 Christmas Calendar on Facebook or Instagram: sla_architects.

SLA opens office in Aarhus


Due to growth and increased demand in Jutland, SLA now opens a new office in Aarhus.

"The reason why SLA opens an office in Aarhus is a significantly higher demand in Jutland for exactly the things we can do: Considering nature, the aesthetic and the site-specific when developing our cities, homes and workplaces. At the same time, we have won a number of large projects and competitions in Jutland in the recent years. The largest of these is the 13 mio. dollar euro project for the renewal and redesign of Gellerup City Park - a competition we won in 2014 and which is now under construction, "says partner and CEO in SLA, Mette Skjold.

With the opening of the SLA Aarhus, the Copenhagen studio goes against the tide of architect offices who takes the journey from Aarhus to Copenhagen. But, according to Mette Skjold, there is a good explanation for that:

"We already have offices in Copenhagen and Oslo - and even more are on the way internationally. We have to keep up with the increased demand for our work, which we both experience in Scandinavia and internationally. With our new office in Aarhus, we can now be even closer to our clients in Jutland and develop even stronger architectural solutions with our local partners, "says Mette Skjold.

“Growth - Grow and build the future together” - Exhibition at Aalborg's Utzon Center


Step into a sensuous and thought-provoking universe at Utzon Center in the Danish city of Aalborg and meet the nature, the city and the passionate collaborators of Aalborg, North Jutland and the world.


The discussion about the rural areas versus the big city is nuanced in SLA's thought-provoking and sensuous exhibition “Growth - Grow and build the future together”, located at the Utzon Center in Aalborg. The exhibition becomes a kind of community center, where it is discussed whether the big city and the rural areas can be used as a focal point for future economical, cultural and social growth. During the exhibition, Utzon Center provides citizens, enthusiasts, politicians and professionals the opportunity to create debate in the community center.

“For decades, we have convinced each other that we can build for growth. As a result, we have become a nation where cities are winners and rural areas are losers. We have overlooked the qualities of life in the so-called peripheral Denmark where the proximity to nature provides an essential quality of life that the urban growth cannot match. The history of the welfare state has thus become the antithesis of the town and the countryside, the grown and the built. Our intention with the exhibition is to show that quality of life is at its highest when the grown and the built complement each other,” says Stig L. Andersson, curator of the exhibition and founding partner of the architectural firm SLA.

In the exhibition, the city and the countryside are not set up as opposites. Instead, the audience gains insight into how a nature between nature and built environment can improve quality of life in both urban and rural areas. With examples from Aalborg, North Jutland and the world, the exhibition proves how new opportunities arise from the encounter between the grown and the built, which makes it possible to create new types of communities and new sustainable business models, both in the city and in the countryside.

“We have entered a wonderful universe with our curator SLA. A universe populated by enthusiasts, unique nature, great cities and the most beautiful materials that we had almost forgotten. ‘Long live enthusiasts and projects on the edge!’ - that is the Utzon Center’s mantra for the next 4 months,” says Lasse Andersson, exhibition manager at the Utzon Center.

“Growth - Grow and build the future together” is curated by SLA in close collaboration with Utzon Center and Aalborg Municipality. Countless enthusiasts and professionals all over North Jutland has contributed with vital knowledge about projects and materials for the exhibition.

The exhibition is supported by Realdania and developed in collaboration with and supported by the City & Landscape Management at Aalborg Municipality.

Experience “Growth - Grow and build the future together” at Utzon Center in Aalborg from 07.10.15 – 28.02.16.

Danish newspaper Politiken gives five big hearts to Novo Nordisk Nature Park!


The architectural editor of the leading Danish newspaper Politiken had an extraordinary experience as he visited the Novo Nordisk Nature Park – ”the most radical version of SLA’s innovative landscape art.”

On Wednesday September 23rd, the landscape around the headquarters of the global healthcare company Novo Nordisk received five big hearts from the newspaper and was described as “nothing less than an ecological revolution”.

In the review, Novo Nordisk Nature Park is praised for “thinking maximal diversity in order to create as rich habitats as possible, which attracts a richer wildlife and holds on the rainwater”, and the review concludes that “once you have seen the beauty of this controlled wild nature, it becomes harder to love the well-kept lawns and trimmed trees”.

Thank you for the generous words, Karsten Ifversen and Politiken!

Read the review in Danish here.

SLA to serve as counselor for the Municipality of Copenhagen’s future ‘city nature’


What is city nature and why do we need it in our urban environment?
The City of Copenhagen has chosen SLA to facilitate a Think tank to discuss and define Copenhagen’s green identity and city nature. The Think tank includes experts from the fields of biology and biodiversity, resilient cities and climate adaptability, urban ecosystems, rainwater management and citizen involvement.

In the next three months we will help the Think tank and the Municipality to create a shared vision for Copenhagen’s future city nature.
We are really looking forward to get started with the process and to show you the result of the exciting collaboration, when the first combined Climate adaptation - City nature- projects will sprout in the coming years.

Portrait of Anne, SLA's librarian


Today SLA says goodbye to our dear librarian, Anne. She has spent the last months working full steam on removing dust from Stig’s books in the basement, bringing the lifelong collection of assorted books up into the daylight in the new office library. Before Anne moves on, we ask her what she has encountered during her work with registering and systematising the many boxes of books.


What is a librarian doing in a  landscape architecture office?

I have categorized and indexed the office books. I have found a category for each book, registered the book information, title, author, number, publisher, subjects etc. I estimate the collection to contain just about 5000 books.


Can you tell us about the organising process?

At first I was presented for 80 boxes of books in the basement, and most of them were not registered yet. So there was more than enough work to do!

Now I have organised most of the books and placed them into 220 categories, from more general categories like “Danish literature” to the more specific categories, like “Moss, lichen and fungus”.

I quickly realized that I needed more fiction categories in the index system, as I encountered a lot of fiction along the way. There were also many publications about Asia. At that point it became very obvious that these are books from a private collection, and also that the owner has a special interest in Japan!


What is the most interesting book you have encountered – from a librarians point of view?

Sometimes I thought: Wow, I can’t believe that somebody actually wrote a whole book about this! One book was about the crystallisation of snowflakes. Another book described different types of bulb plants.

Some of the books were impossible to index, for example a very delicate set of Chinese books with soft leather covers and closing mechanisms with something that looked like teeth. I cannot read Chinese, and the paper is so thin that I barely dared to turn the pages. I made a separate shelf for those type of books that cannot be placed in a category but where the aesthetics and smells of the book carries a history in itself.


How can SLA use the library?

I imagine that the books can be a great source of inspiration to the projects and function as a well-deserved break, when people get tired of staring into their computer screens all day. I really hope that the employees at SLA find the time during their busy day to look in the many interesting books!




Anne Mikkelsen has master in Information Science and Cultural Communication, with focus on Information Architecture and User Studies.

She has previously organised the library for the human rights institute Dignity, Danish Institute against torture





Join us on the Why We Love Trees Tour


Are you also a tree lover, and are you going to Rising Architecture Week?

On Wednesday the 16th of September, you can join SLA on Me-Mover on a guided tour in the grown environment of Copenhagen and learn about the fantastic effect it has on us and our surroundings. Trees are of critical importance at the moment, as their sustainable and functional qualities can function as a solution to many of the climatic issues of the city, from managing rainwater to protecting us against urban heat islands. Also, their high aesthetical and atmospheric qualities provide us with more sensious surroundings, a broader biodiversity and better urban spaces, which make the residential property values grow!

The guides of the tour will be Morten Leicht Jeppesen, landscape architect and urban tree specialist, and Rasmus Astrup, landscape architect and partner in SLA. We will experience the city on Me-Movers, a three-wheeled step machine, which is perfect for a late summer stroll through the blossoming city of Copenhagen.

The tour is from 5 pm-6 pm and takes its departure from Trangravsvej 5, 1436 Copenhagen. It is part of Rising Architecture Week, which from September 15th-18th invites you to events and activities in the capital under this year’s theme “Growing Cities”.

If you still can’t get enough trees, you should take a look at SLA’s beautiful publication Why We Love Trees.

Photo: BeCopenhagen

Novo Nordisk Naturpark shortlisted til World Architecture Festival 2015!


The buzzing bees, thousands of trees and blooming ground cover in Novo Nordisk Nature Park were well received by the international jury at WAF – World Architecture Festival.

The coveted WAF-award, which receives more than 2000 project entries and culminates in a three-day festival, is the world’s largest international architecture event. SLA is nominated in the category Urban Projects - Landscape.

It means that SLA is heading to Singapore to present the project and eat canapés with a number of prominent international colleagues, including Zaha Hadid, Herzog & de Meuron and OMA!

WAF takes place 4th – 6th November in Singapore. You can read a lot more about WAF and Novo Nordisk Nature Park here.

SLA is back from vacation


SLA is back in the office after a well deserved summer break. In the meantime we have enjoyed the sun on The South Boulevard, watched the festival goers of this year’s Roskilde Festival cool off in the gravel pit at Floating World and seen the new landscape at Green Solution House on Bornholm grow.

Now the second half of 2015 begins, and we expect it to be action-packed! We already have several exciting projects on the drawing board in Denmark, Russia, Paris and Dubai.

We have also been prequalified in a number of competitions, including the master plan for Paper Island, the new event- and information center for the Viking castle in Slagelse, Trelleborg, as well as Nyborg Castle and recreational area, which is going to be renovated.

We look forward to set 2015 part 2 in motion and we’ll soon reveal more exciting news!

The biennale catalog wins Best Book Design Award!


SLA’s exhibition catalog from the Architecture Biennale Empowerment of Aesthetics has now been honored with the prestigious title: Best Book Design 2014.

The exhibition Empowerment of Aesthetics, which was the Danish contribution to the Venice Biennale in 2014, was curated by SLA founder Stig L. Andersson, and sought to create a more whole picture of the future, a sensuous universe, which may point to new visions for the future of Denmark.

In the fall of 2014 the exhibition in the Danish pavilion garnered much praise and stood out from the many other exhibitions pavilions by focusing particularly on the sensuous experiences - the aesthetic - in the desire to restore the relationship between the rational and the aesthetic, between culture and nature, the built environment and the grown environment.

In particular, it is the translation of this sensousness, from physical form to print, which now receives acclaim from Foreningen for Boghaandværk ( The Association of Book Craft):

"The catalogue for the Danish contribution to the International Architecture Biennale in Venice is a veritable magnificent show of beautiful typography and bold image editing in association with a greatly thought devised and delicate layout, where the color orange ties together the layout of the book. [...] The book acts as a strong, personally mediated Denmark Picture, quite literally taken with emphasis on the aesthetic that deserves to live long after the packing of the Danish pavilion in the lagoon city." (Excerpt from the Jury’s report) 

Monday, June 15 at 17 pm The Association of Book Craft invites you to the opening of the exhibition Best Book Design 2014 at the Royal Library in Copenhagen. Here the best in Danish book design and its importance as a unique form of artistic expression is celebrated. The exhibition invites visitors to take a look at the exhibited books - and to bring home a beautiful catalogue with all of the exhibited works. See more here

You can read the Empowerment of Aesthetics catalogue online here

And if you want to grap a hold of a hard copy, it can be purchased in the Danish Architecture Centre's Bookstore or online here

The Empowerment of Aesthetics catalogue is a collaboration between Stig L. Andersson and publisher Wunderbuch. Photos by Jens Lindhe and Troben Petersen. Klaus Gjørup and Per Andersen have been responsible for the graphic design and funding has been made possible with support from the Dreyer Foundation.

Join us at Folkemødet – Denmark’s Political Festival on Bornholm!


This year we are not only participating in panel debates and presentations - we are also inviting you to speak up and join us for a chat in the tent!

For the ongoing parallel assignment about the Allinge Masterplan we would love to share our first thoughts and hear your ideas for the future of Folkemødet. Drop by tent J9 on Allinge Harbour Thursday and Friday. Read more about the parallel assignment here

Also, swing by Danish Architecture Centre’s tent E13 on Saturday, where SLA partner Rasmus Astrup will participate in an interesting panel discussion about livalibility in Denmark 2050. See DAC’s full Saturday program here

Thursday   16-17 pm (Tent J9 – Allingeprojektet)

Friday        16-19 pm (Tent J9 – Allingeprojektet)

Saturday    10-11 pm (Tent E13 – Dansk Arkitektur Center)

Saturday    16-19 pm (Tent E13 – Dansk Arkitektur Center)

Panum’s new bike and pedestrian bridge has arrived!


The first section of the combined bike and pedestrian bridge has been lifted into place at the Maersk Building. The new bridge will range from Nørre Allé through the Maersk Building to Blegdamsvej and will provide the users with an incredible experience of moving through the tree tops on the level of the first floor.

Due to its size, the bridge was carried to the site by special transport in the middle of the night last Thursday and lifted into place on top of the roof during the early morning.

You can read more about the project here


Happy news on a rainy day!


We are thrilled to announce that we have won the competition for one of the most important projects for the future of Copenhagen: The first climate adaptable neighborhood in the city, Bryggervangen and Skt. Kjelds Square.

Our proposal ‘Use the nature in your city’ combine green rainwater management solutions with a diverse urban nature in a site specific resilient urban design. The proposal aims to equate the built environment with the grown environment, the rational with the aesthetic, and the measurable with the tangible in a complete copenhagenized balance.

Our proposal has been created in a strong collaboration between all our talented employees, from landscape architects and urban planners, to biologists, plant experts and communications. And in a close collaboration with our great sub-consultants Alectia (engineer) and Jens Rørbech (traffic planning).

We can’t wait to get started and begin the future of Copenhagen. See the project here:

Team SLA to design the masterplan for Folkemødet – Denmark’s Political Festival!


Each year – for one weekend in mid-June - the tiny, Bornholmian town Allinge is turned into a festival-frenzy when 90,000 people arrive to participate in Folkemødet (Denmark’s Political Festival on Bornholm).

But how can the natural and physical environment facilitate Folkemødet in the future and what can be done to improve the experiences? How can the great energy created by Folkemødet have a positive effect on Allinge – not only when the festival is on, but throughout the year?

Together with a sharp team of both local and national experts in urban planning, user involvement, temporary architecture, events, festival facilitation, economy and tourism, SLA has been chosen for the parallel assignment to draw the lines of a strategic masterplan for Folkemødet and Allinge.

 Our team is:

• SLA – Master plans, landscape architecture and urban development
• Blå Streg - Architecture and planning
• Roskilde Festival - logistics, event planning and temporary architecture
• Kvistgaard Consulting x Hird & Ko – Experience  Economy, Tourism and Business
• Rikke Brandt Broegaard - Citizen involvement and workshops

We can’t wait to get started and we hope to see you at Folkemødet 11th -14th June!


Read more on Realdanias website: 

Can wild teasels, quaking-grass and a myriad of colourful animals shed light on the future Copenhagen?


There was a great turnout Wednesday at the opening of the exhibition ‘Housing and Welfare - Homes Ensembles City’ at the Danish School of Architecture, KADK

The new extensive exhibition illuminates the future of the metropolis of Copenhagen by providing insight into the projects that architectural firms are designing right now.

SLA participates in the exhibition with a call to action to bring the grown environment into Ørestad City. Wild teasels, quaking-grass and a myriad of colourful animals tell the story of how the addition of floralegiums (plant collections), amongst other things, will maximize biodiversity and please the senses.

The exhibition will be on display until May 14, so if you could not make it to the opening, you still have plenty of time to stop by and take a look at SLA’s proposal to bring the aesthetics of nature into the rationally built environment of Ørestaden. 

You can read more about the exhibition here

Take a look at the photos from the exhibition opening here

Happy 1st birthday, SLA Oslo!


Exactly one year ago, SLA planted a seed in Norway. Strong growth and an increased interest in sustainable urban design made it possible for us to set up a Norwegian branch: SLA Oslo. The seed has sprouted and now, a year later, the office has taken root. SLA Oslo has grown with many exciting projects – the staff has more than doubled and is now more Norwegian than Danish.

The anniversary was celebrated in style in the sunset on the Oslo office rooftop– with champagne, confetti and big smiles. Congratulations SLA Oslo – we look forward to see what 2015 will bring – and who knows, we might get an opportunity to branch out to other parts of the world someday.

Open air inauguration of Floating World in Milen


Despite the cold weather we had a great turnout Saturday at the opening of sculptor Morten Stræde’s Floating World– the first artwork in the unique on-going land art project Milen, south of Roskilde, created by SLA. The artwork was inaugurated by Birgit Pedersen, chair of the Culture and Leisure Committee in Roskilde City Council, Morten Stræde  and SLA’s Stig L. Andersson. Floating World initiates the on-going land art project Milen at the Darup gravel pit. Each year a new art work will be integrated in the landscape and we cannot wait to follow up on the project!

You can read more about the project and view pictures from the inauguration here

We are shortlisted for the urban renewal-competition about Aabenraa’s historic city center!


With a dream team consisting of COWI, JaJa Architects, Have Kommunikation, artist Morten Stræde and transformation expert Vera Noldus we have been pre-qualified to participate in the competition about the urban renewal of Aabenraa’s historic city center. The project will realize the visions from the parallel assignment “Aabenraa - Market town of the future”, an assignment we did for Aabenraa’s municipality last year.  The goal is to make Aabenraa the most vibrant and modern market town in Denmark by 2035, when the town will celebrate its 700th birthday.

We are incredibly happy to continue the work and be in the run to realize the town’s ambitious visions. We can’t wait to get started! Read more about our proposal for “Aabenraa - Market town of the future” right  here:

Novo Nordisk Nature Park wins Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2014


December 17 the Scandinavian Green Roof Award was awarded for the 15th time. This year the award went to SLA's Novo Nordisk Nature Park at Novo’s new international headquarters in Bagsværd.
According to the jury, it is Novo Nordisk Nature Park’s fusion of green nature and an innovative green roof that is the reason behind the project receiving the award:
"Novo Nordisk in Bagsværd is a project in which the possibility for recreation and smart stormwater management is combined with great care and biological value. No less than seven native biotopes and an innovative design has created an undulating landscape where green nature and roof merge" - Scandinavian Green Roof Association.

Read more about Novo Nordisk Nature Park here.

SLA receives Foreningen Hovedstadens Forskønnelse's Architecture Award 2014


December 16, SLA were the proud recipients of this year's Foreningen Hovedstadens Forskønnelse's Architecture Award 2014 for our Novo Nordisk Nature Park. Jan Raagaard Jansen of Novo Nordisk and our very own Stig L. Andersson accepted the award during a happy evening. Read more about Novo Nordisk Nature Park here.

TEAM SLA wins major urban park competition in Gellerup/Toveshøj


TEAM SLA has won the competition to design a new green urban park in Gellerup/Toveshøj in Aarhus. The urban park, which will become Gellerup's new ‘green backbone’ measures approximately 27 football fields and consists of playgrounds, climbing towers, outdoor fitness, fruit groves, greenhouses and a long nature-rich, green park space that provides safety and new recreational opportunities for the residents, while also adding a variety of aesthetic, sensual and human values to the area. TEAM SLA consists of SLA, EFFEKT, COWI, Social Action, GAME and Boris Brorman Jensen.

Read more about Gellerup Urban Park here

Read the jury report and the official press release here

Let's talk about H.C. Ørsted


Professor Dan Charly Christensen knows ALL there is to know about the Danish 19th Century scientist H.C. Ørsted. Thursday November 13, he held an inspiring and thought-provoking lecture for our Copenhagen office about Ørsted's work on the relationship between aesthetics and rationality, between science and art, and how we as humans experience and sense nature. Ørsted's knowledge is 200 years old, but as fresh and as relevant as ever!

Danish architecture on debate in Venice


What can we as architects learn from the Danish Golden Age, Asger Jorn’s art theory and a skiing Niels Bohr? This and many more themes exhibited at the Danish pavilion was discussed at the Venice Biennale’s open Freeport Meeting Friday, November 7th between Stig L. Andersson, Professor Ruth Baumeister, architect Carsten Hoff, OMA's Stephan Petermann and an international audience.

Awesome walnuts and crazy bald cypresses


Our clever tree experts Bjørn and Morten went on a plant nursery-tour of Germany in search of the first trees to the new landscape of Herlev Hospital. The two passionate tree-lovers found no less than 200 characteristic trees that met the SLA standards. And that is not the traditional straight, symmetrical, pruned canopy-standards. At SLA we love the quirky, crooked, multi-stemmed trees with the most natural expression. Morten has promised “awesome walnuts” and “crazy bald cypresses” - it’s going to be wild!

SLA wins Norwegian Parliament Quarter


Great news from Norway!
SLA has won the assignment to create an opportunity study for the Norwegian Parliament Quarter in central Oslo - the most important urban space in Norway

It is now officially signed and sealed that SLA has won the contract for the quarter around ’Stortinget’ – the Norwegian parliament. The assignment consists of an opportunity study regarding combining a safe and secure area around the parliament with democratic, lively and open urban spaces. The assignment is part of our expanding portfolio in Norway together with the Norwegian government quarter as well as the parallel assignment for the memorial site at Utøya. 

The City Dune nominated for the European Garden award!


Urban spaces can be “green” although they look white!
The international jury for the European Garden Award has agreed on The City Dune as one of three finalists in the category “Innovative Contemporary Concept or Design of a Park or Garden”.
The nomination is based on The City Dune’s remarkable design and sustainable, innovative on-site collection and use of rainwater. Also, the focus on accessibility for all is, according to the jury, an inspiration for landscape- and urban design projects all over Europe.
And they are right – The City Dune is actually one of the most sustainable and climate adaptable urban spaces in Copenhagen!
All surface rainwater is collected and reused for irrigation of the many forest trees while, on hot days, the water sprays out through hundreds of water atomizers, creating a misty, cooling atmosphere. The white concrete reflects the sunlight and creates an inviting urban space for bankers as well as skaters.
The award has been given annually since 2010 by EGHN, The European Garden Network, to bring awareness on how parks and urban spaces can create cultural, economic, environmental and social values and qualities in Europe’s cities. 

New Campus: Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education


Along with A. Enggaard, Henning Larsen Architects and Midtconsult, SLA has won the competition for the new Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education in Odense. The new DGNB certified city campus is centered around a vast green landscape that cleans a large part of the area’s pollution through natural phytoremediation. The landscape will create coherence between the new and existing buildings of the campus as well as a new connection between Odense harbor and railway station.

Odense University Hospital wins WAN Healthcare Award


SLA and Henning Larsen Architects’ proposal for a new Odense University Hospital has won the international WAN Healthcare Award in the category non-built projects. In its statement the jury highlights the project’s strong foundation in nature: "The landscape surrounding the new OUH supports and clarifies the existing values and is based on the current plan for the area. The purpose is to add to the value of the nature and experiences by including the new OUH as a part of the landscape. "Read more about the award here.

The Biennale is now open!


SLA’s exhibition in The Danish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 is now open to the press and the industry’s VIPs. The tree roots and pine needles are in place, Niels Bohr is ready to continue his discussions with Albert Einstein and Asger Jorn, and Inger Christensen, H. C. Ørsted and a 150 million-year-old cicada are ready to illustrate the power of nature and aesthetics.

Read more about SLA's exhibition

SLA through to 2nd phase in the Gellerup park competition


Team SLA, comprised of SLA, EFFEKT, COWI, Social Action, GAM3 og Boris Brorman Jensen, are through to the 2nd phase in the competition to design the new urban park in Gellerup, Aarhus.
The team now competes against 2 other teams for the job of creating a unique area for recreation and cross-cultural activities - a new 'green spine' in Gellerup. The three proposals are exhibited at 'Madtorvet' in City Vest untill the 30th of April, and can also be viewed at Helhedsplan Gellerups kontor in Aarhus. Read more here (in danish only)

SLA wins master plan for new government quarter in Oslo


Together with a team led by Nordic Office of Architecture, Multiconsult and Civitas, SLA has won the assignment to develop the urban plan for the reconstruction of the central government area in Oslo following the 2011 terrorist bombing.

The assignment includes consulting on all phases of the extensive reconstruction – from initial impact studies to the development of the approved urban plan. Work on the new urban plan commence following the government’s decision regarding the current zoning plan study, which is expected to be resolved this summer.

Ringkøbing K - In the Middle of Nature - revealed


A unique nature project that creates amenity value even before the first houses are built. This is the core of SLA's development plan for Ringkøbing K, that was revealed by Ringkøbing K's chairman Uffe Steiner Jensen.

"The development plan for Ringkøbing K shows new ways for how modern housing development can be accommodated in balance with nature and add value - close to fjord, beach protection lines and nature sensitive areas," says Mette Lis Andersen, CEO of Realdania City.
The nature project will be established in 2015, after which the construction of housing will commence.

Read more here

Akademiraadet tildeler Stig L. Andersson awarded the C.F. Hansen Medal


The Danish Royal Academy has awarded Stig L. Andersson the C.F. Hansen Medal for outstanding performance within the field of architecture.
The C.F. Hansen Medal is the most prestigious honours awarded to danish architects, and it has previously been awarded to only a few landscape architects including G.N. Brandt - one of Stig L. Anderssons own personal sources of inspiration.

According to the Academy, the reasons Stig L. Andersson was awarded til C.F. Hansen Medal are the unique distinctiveness of his work, its artistic expression, his insistence on an unusual integration of knowledge from very diverse professional arenas, and his great interest for the complex contexts to which architecture is applied.

SLA opens office in Oslo


SLA is experiencing strong growth and increased demand in Norway. The office now opens a new branch in Oslo in order to provide even better service for clients and partners.

'With the new office in Oslo, we take the obvious next step to forge even stronger ties with our Norwegian clients and partners. In Norway we have experienced rapid growth and increased demand for the core services that SLA offers. By being physically present in Oslo we become a fully entrenched player in the Norwegians' awareness when it comes to innovative use of nature to design modern and sustainable cities', says Mette Skjold, Managing Director of SLA.

SLA Oslo is led by Head of Studio Louise Fiil Hansen who can be contacted at +45 3176 5841 and



This week partner and project director Rasmus Astrup and architects Louise Holst and Kirsty Badenoch said goodbye to Copenhagen and hello to Hong Kong. SLA is in HK the next month to work with our friends at OMA Asia on two non-disclosable projects in 'The Pearl of the Orient’. You can follow SLA's ongoing work in Hong Kong on SLA's Facebook Page.

SLA shortlisted for C2C masterplan in Sweden


Along with the co-creator of Cradle to Cradle; William McDonough + Partners and GXN, SLA will develop a proposal for how the new area “Kilen” in Ronneby can become Sweden's first cradle to cradle inspired neighbourhood.

The team was shortlisted from among 26 applicants to convert a central industrial site into an innovative green neighbourhood. A neighbourhood that is not confined to leaving less bad environmental footprints, but actually leaves positive ones. The project involves a workshop in March where the project team will work to formulate the ideas for the project.
Read more here (in danish)