Citizen Involvement & Anthropological Analysis

SLA’s anthropological team examines local everyday life, ideas and dreams, as well as patterns of movement, rhythms and routines. Through observations, interviews and desk research, we get to the core of what is at stake in a place and for the local users. We use this knowledge as a solid foundation for the development of an innovative and sustainable way forward that creates local ownership and commitment.

Our work is based on anthropological methods and thoughts while we make use of the architects' visual world, including photography, drawing and mapping. We are thorough researchers and orientate ourselves in relevant research and international cases and methods.

In our work, we always have an eye for the complex reality in which new initiatives must function. Therefore, our analyzes, evaluations and recommendations are always tested across disciplines and thus ready for use and implementation.

SLA provides, among others, the following services within this field: 

  • We examine people's everyday lives, behaviors and needs

  • We map the qualities, challenges and potentials of places

  • We prepare urban space and site analyzes

  • We facilitate involvement and co-creation processes

  • We evaluate places, projects and products

This is provided for use in concrete development of urban spaces, buildings, cities, products, plans, strategies and visions.

Depending on the client's wishes, we convey our insights and recommendations in an accessible and useful form in reports, slides, presentations and workshops.